1 Aug 2009

Post 147: Exploring the musical spectrum

Another week has ticked by with my world seemingly like pulling Hens teeth (mixed metaphor
courtesy of Mr Ian Betts, lol). Seriously though, I have been dreading my physiotherapy more than usual this week
and Adrienne (my carer) thinks it might be something to do with my decision to abruptly stop my anti-deppressant medication
(sertraline). My view which I stubbornly stick to is how can stopping something that does nothing make any difference? Probably yet another one of my misguided opinions?!
Anyway, another week where I haven't felt any physically better and to be 100% honest, I'm as bored with it as you probably are reading about it here, but I have had one or two things that have helped I suppose.
The first is that on Tuesday next week I am starting a 3 day course doing this thing designed to help chronic fatigue sufferers called The lightning process.
Well, straight off the bat it sounds good but sadly doesn't involve any real lightning.
It is a part hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming)
type training course designed to make you see the world and how you feel about it differently and the trust have kindly agreed to pay for it, it seems a lot for what they actually do until my friend Vicky Denning
pointed a few things out. She has been a bit of a hero actually because not only are her and her husband taking me out for dinner and the Cinema tonight she's also agreed to sit in on the course to give me moral support. Wearing her Human Resources hat these are similar to the types of training courses they sometimes send their executives on hence her assertion that this is actually good value. Businesses get ripped off. So, with any luck I should be feeling a little better by Thursday afternoon next week but me being me, I'm keeping my expectations er low.
I also had a couple of useful visits this week. The first was from Stevie and Naomi
who I am so fortunate to have as friends.
They had offered to cook dinner for me on Tuesday and like a fool I'd neglected to check my diary and had eaten before they arrived. In the old days I would have thought “two dinners,RESULT” Instead Naomi had happened to bring raspberries and low fat yoghurt, 'it would have been rude not to'. Interestingly and inspirationally Steve proudly announced that he'd just finished the first draft of the book he'd always wanted to write. This should inspire me. I am impressed.
From friends to music, Some of you will recall that at the end of August last year, I went to the SW4 music festival (post 66) on Clapham Common last year. This year I can't go because the friends I would go with are going to Ibiza. I'm so jealous. So to make up for it I went to see Dutch Trance DJ legend Tiesto
in Victoria Park in Hackney. According to radio 1 institution Pete Tong, Tiesto is 'the master of the big gig'.
My god is that true – we had an amazing time – I had last seen Tiesto play at superclub Amnesia in Ibiza in 2004
and it was immediately obvious how different his outdoor festival sets are to his peaktime efforts. While it was still light (he started at about 7pm) he kept the tempo pretty low and the music quite housey, slipping in the odd cheeky dance version of the occasional well known chart song (kings of Leons 'sex on fire' and something by coldplay whose title eludes me) I love these dance versions but Shaun, Renae and Simon, my hero friends,
companions for these epic events always take the p*ss out of my fondness for dance versions of 'middle of the road rock' well 30,000 other people who were singing along to 'sex on fire' seem to disagree. The atmosphere was incredible, the sound was loud and perfect (clearly the Hackney residents care less about noise than precious Clapham Common residents) because as darkness fell in Hackney (when the local muggers start their brisk trade) Tiesto opened the taps and some of the most glorious sounding Trance Music poured forth from the speakers including a few tunes I never thought I'd hear again letalone played loud by the Dutch Maestro himself,
Silence by Delerium, Urban Train by Tiesto himself and his remix of Adagio for Strings 'It's like 1999 never happened' said Shaun in my ear, this is of course true and a damning indictement on Trance music as a genre as good as is. Shaun sagely commented 'trance tends to attract an above average number of tw*ts' (us no doubt being a case in point) 'so I was a little worried about what the crowd would be like'. In actual fact we only felt a tiny bit old and there were an above average number of bikini -top clad lovelies,
one of the major benefits of dancing outside when the sun shines an even better when they don't bother with bikini-tops – am sue this is isolated to Bora-Bora in Ibiza which Shaun once christened 'the best place in the world ™ '
As if to illustrate the point about tw*ts, some imbecile obviously thought that climing to the top of one of the speaker towers
would make his day. 5 minutes later he obviously hadn't bargained on them stopping the music,them telling him over the speakers to get down and 30,000 people hating him. He must have been mortified. We couldn't stop laughing! It was an amazing evening, sadly not amazing enough to make me forget what was wrong with me, yup, that'll take a bona fide miracle but it did make me remember how much I love that kind of music in that kind of setting with those people, thankyou Shaun, Renae and Simon and the numerous randoms who I tried to converse with on the disabled platform.
After this was all over Shaun, Renae and Simon managed to haul themselves all the way across London to Elephant & Castle to see another friend of theirs (and mine), Tim Davison (post 86 when he took me to see Dylan Moran), a man who from humble beginnings is slowly becoming a global superstar DJ. Judge for yourself
This wasn't all I did last week, I managed yet another Prom concert with my folks on Wednesday.
Excellent as always but on reflection Tiesto was probably better. The thing I will take away from this is that I felt noticeably less tired after Tiesto than at SW4 last year when I could barely speak at the end. Also words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Shaun, Renae and Simon for looking after me and Adrienne for driving me there and back! I think it's fair to say that none of us could quite believe how good it was!

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