9 Aug 2009

Post 148:Restraining Myself

I'm not going to post anything this week. I have written a post but to avoid the possibility of getting sued I'll post up some of the pictures I downloaded/took and if you really want to read what I wrote email me at dompardey@gmaildotcom It will be explained in my post that I mail to you why I've written it like that. This should be interesting to find if anyone can be bothered. My webstats tell me I have 1000 Unique Users a month but I'm sure there's a simple explanation for the unlikelihood of the correctness of that number.
The gist of this post is that I did a course last week supposed to help my chronic fatigue. It hasn't helped and I'm a little angry (an understatement).

Evangelical Happy-Clappy Idiots
Rich Hall- Comic Genius responsible for mixed metaphor, no, mixed cliche 'rocket surgery' - you've probably noticed but I love mixed metaphors and expect them to feature highly in future
and for good measure a selection of some of the stuff I've done and a few of the people who have been to see me. These give me hope and keep me alive: I wtched it's a wonderful life - sadly a sentiment I find it hard to agree with
Yet more Proms at the Albert Hall
College mate the Revd Richard Lloyd and fiancee Vicky take me to the Proms

Old college fried Vicky Peakman (nee Hall) and her angelic daughter Niamh drop in on the way back from Legoland
Me, Tony and Vicky at Twickenham when we were at College (1999 I think), I put in this picture because I wanted to draw attention and say thankyou to Vicky who dilligently sat through this course with me this week. It's also one of my favourite old pictures of the three of us despite the silly face that Tony's pulling!. This blog is allowed a little self-indulgence


Mernie said...

Why can't you just post it? Surely it's just your opinion of the process. Was it a load of bollocks? xx

Dom P said...

that would be giving it too much credit

Mernie said...

Email me what you would have said then xx

Simon said...

Email me too please.

Simon said...

Well after reading what you sent to me i would stick it up. Unless you have been legally advised to remove it already?

Dom P said...

I know it's just my opinion but I have been warned in the past. I'm being risk-averse (for once)

Simon said...

Fair enough. And in that old photo of you, Vicky and Tony, you look about 14 :p

Dom P said...

gee thanks Simon, you're a mate!



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