16 Aug 2009

Post 149: U2 Can't help me

I have been pleasantly surprised by both the demand to read last weeks post>50 and the feeling 'it's not libel, it's just your opinion' but I'll remain risk-averse,
Theresponse to my call to mix your metaphors to publish here was also surprisingly life-affirming.
Easily the best mixed metaphor suggestion this week came from old pal Stevie,
'you can't make an omelette without counting your chickens',
a brilliant start I think we'd all agree. Since I've known him he's always been a man who doesn't mince his beefs (sorry, can't help myself). He had this comment to make about the vast 'think positive and you'll think yourself better' industry ' I have no
time whatever for these happy-clappy namby-pamby morons who slide through
life telling people their problems can be fixed by the power of positive
thinking, ridiculous clich├ęs like "you make your own luck" are about as much
use as trusting in the benevolence of an imaginary being'. Breathe!
Exactly my thoughts but much more succinctly put but if I think this it does beg the question 'Why did I bother? Simple: because I am desperate to feel better! Steve and his lovely wife Naomi
will be a terrible loss to everyone who knows them and dare I say the country when they emigrate to Melbourne later this year.
In keeping with this theme, As part of doing this 'happy-clappy namby-pamby' course I had a follow-up call with the practitioner on Thursday 'to see how things were going' and have to say I bottled giving her a piece of my mind because I wasn't prepared to take one of her undoubtedly well rehearsed arguments about how getting no results is my fault. In fact when I had rather mildly told her there was no improvement she told me that that was my choice. I'm not the kind of bloke that normally falls for these scams, I am desperate enough though to try anything to feel better. As if to really kick me when I'm down, my housekeeper/carer gave me a months notice yesterday. This was a bolt from the blue and probably to do with my inability to grasp anything happy about my situation, the poor lady has soldiered tirelessly while she's been here, and I have failed to be any happier so who can blame her? It needs someone special, someone who can make me forget my fatigue.
So, I've got a month to find a replacement. I'll be honest, the uncertainty and fear grips me like nothing else. It's quite simple – I can't live on my own, and when I say live, I mean survive. I can't cook, clean or do any of the things necessary to live like a normal single 32 year old man which is sh*t, there's this huge gap in my life that I'm utterly convinced can be filled by the right beautiful girl who I can love and look after and offer her what I've got left which I'm hopeful is a lot more than most but I've no idea where to look.
I feel that I have missed the boat with my existing friends who have been amazingly supportive and whose visits keep me going but I've been out with some of the girls, most are now married and the rest would just see it as too weird and having known me before, it'd be difficult for them to settle for a vastly inferior product (in my opinion by the way) and they know me too well. I long to be in love again but fear it will never happen. Apologies if this post is unreadable, things aren't that good at the moment. Lets hope that seeing U2 at the new Wembley
tonight will pick me up.
Despite liking one or two of their tunes it has re-drawn to my attention how much of a tool Bono is.
A simple internet search will reveal that I am not alone in having this opinion.
So, I have now been to the concert and slept on it and in the cold light of day I'll have to admit I was impressed both by the new Wembley
and the show.
Bono's still a tool though!
For a start it was a nice evening (always an important pre-requisite for an outdoor event. My mate Oli and I
did speculate about whether they'd close the new roof for concerts if it rained but to be honest we hadn't a clue. Surely a concert would be more reason than a football match? Anyway the point is moot because it didn't rain. The first thing that you noticed was that U2 had brought a special stage with them. I couldn't help thinking 'I wonder what the Carbon Footprint of transporting and using that badboy is? Bono may talk about saving the planet but let's be honest, he's a f*cking hypocrite. The stage also looked like some mobile oppression tool of the invading Martians
which actually helped it look more impressive. It was a sellout, I'd guess 100,000 people, lets not forget the press keep going on about how U2 are the 'worlds biggest band'. They have one or two unforgettable tunes too and they graciously (grudgingly) played them in amongst their new material that pretty much all sounds generically U2 (if you catch my drift). Of their classics there were 'new Years day', 'Pride' (in the name of love), 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' which lovely Gemma, the RHN music therapist used to sing to me in music therapy during my first year in hospital, ' 'where the streets have no name' and Sunday, bloody Sunday' are the ones I remember ( their classics are clearly not 'unforgettable'). Overall a good night, that importantly my mate Oli enjoyed, he's a good lad, despite having diametrically opposed views on the movie I'm about to slate.
To completely change the subject I'm also slightly concerned I'm never going to be able to follow non-sensical fast paced action videos ever again, for example I tried to watch possibly the worst film I have ever tried to watch this week, the appalling Watchmen.
A Superhero film that tries to have a plot, but one that was impossible to follow. Maybe it was just me but I couldn't follow a word of it. The reason I am concerned is that I quite enjoy low rent no brainer films simply because my concentration span has always been pretty narrow, now it's a joke.


Simon said...

Sorry, you are wrong, Watchmen is ace. Probably one of the best super hero films i have seen. That said, you are right about U2 :p

Shame to hear Adrienne is leaving. Have you sat down with her and ask her to be blunt with you about why she is leaving?

Dom P said...

oh yes (not said like Churchill the jowely insurance hound)A combination of her being ready to move on and me being a little unhappy all the time. You have to be a comic geek to like Watchmen and that I'm not. You are though.;-)

Simon said...

Owning all of, ooooh no comics i would have to disagree. I'm totally surprised you didn't like it for the fit woman in it.

Dom P said...

I may be shallow but I'm not that shallow

Simon said...

I think we may have to agree to disagree :p

Dom P said...

No, I'm sorry, Watchmen is dire. And I hate to say a la Rowland. End of.:-)

Simon said...

I was on about the shallow comment :p



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