13 Sep 2009

Post 154: Keeping busy this week

Unfortunately I completely forgot about the mixed metaphor this week. Instead I thought I'd include an irregular verb from Bernard, the 'Yes Prime Minister' Private Secretary,
they certainly brighten my world:
"That's another of those irregular verbs, isn't it?
I give confidential briefings,
you leak,
he is being prosecuted under section 2a of the official secrets act".
I do apologise if you don't find these as funny as me. Please bear with me. it seems summer is very definitely over, in the evenings this week it has started to feel decidedly autumnal
and on a couple of occasions, now I'm not living in the urban jungle I have heard the unmistakable honking of geese flying south for the winter in formation. Most ordinary folk would be a bit depressed about this, and I am distictly ordinary. To combat this I had the foresight (luck, surely) to have arranged to go to several things this week:
The first was the Greenwich comedy Festival
on Wedensday, live stand up comedy is my thing these days and midweek it's even better as it breaks up my week which in it's 5 day totality can feel overwhelming. I remember that feeling of impending doom when I was actually financially incentivised to get out of bed on a monday morning, and I used to actually quite like my job, imagine how it feels now. Anyway, the Greenwich Comedy festival seemed to be the answer to some question, a line-up with 3 recognisable names, I'd always wanted to see Russell Howard
live, I adore Lucy Porter
and Phil Kay
was someone I had seen on TV till his bizarre performance at the Union Chapel a couple of weeks ago, I won't be forgetting him shoving a beer bottle up his arse for some time!
Unfortunately my mate Simon Champ (onthe left)
got stuck in traffic and arrived an hour later than he planned, so we had 30 mins to get somewhere that was at least going to take us an hour and a half to get to and that includes the not exactly speedy loading me to/from the van. To his credit Champ moved bloody fast and we were standing (well Champ was) at the door of a marquee in Greenwich at 8pm, exactly an hour late. Luckily this was an event organised for Students by students whose adherence to time keeping was as good as ours and we'd only missed Lucy Porter, once I'd dried my tears at missing her because I just love her it was Phil Kays turn. Now, I have a new respect for this man because although he has one prepared song:(to the tune of Robin Hood) 'Ryanair,Ryanair,
something ain't right, how can a sandwich cost more than the flight?' etc etc..
he clearly makes the rest up, which is insanely brave when faced with a 2000+
person Crowd. He does rely on people laughing at his obvious insanity and bizarre antics, people often laughing at, rather than with has been a technique I've employed because a laughs a laugh, and I've always subscribed to the belief that making people laugh makes you and them feel good making life much better for both of you, that's why I have never been able to get on with people who take themselves too seriously and who can't laugh at themselves which has often been why I've found post-stroke life so hard because I'm not seeing as much or any humour in my situation. Russell Howard was up next.
He is a rare comedian, one who points out all the reasons to be glad to be alive. It is this relentless positiveness that gets on my nerves a bit and you find yourself thinking the only reason all these bizarre situations happen Russ is because of you which is a massive compliment to him. He has tremendous energy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING which slightly annoys me these days where I have no energy and therefore little enthusiasm for much, it is devastating. I used to have my mums relentless energy and enthusiasm but sadly not anymore. Which brings me to my second point. The other thing that Howard pointed out was the other thing that made life worth living apart from laughter, and that is love, which is why friends and family will be top of the pecking order until by some miracle the right girl comes along. I hope this hasn't been too vomit-inducing but I sometimes can't help it. It's a simple maxim to describe the three most important things,the three Ls, life, love and laughter. It's better than the answer 42.
The other things I wanted to write about seem to have got swallowed up in all this philosophy, for yesterday (saturday) one of my old Uni housemates (Matt Hancock)
took me to the one day cricket at Lords.
Now we have already won the thing that counts (the ashes)
so I'm not quite sure if anyone cares about the one dayers but going to Lords with Matt as long as it's not cold and wet is a nice day out as the 'home of cricket'
has a unique atmosphere . The Atmosphere at sporting events is the main reason I go to them these days. My tiredness and eyesight pretty much mean I haven't got a hope of following the action. In fact yesterday I had no idea what the score even was and had to go by the crowd noise to just guess what was happening. The best bit of the whole day was England fans fuelled by booze taking the mick out of some nearby Aussies, The Aussies are lost without their usual 'lording it over the Poms attitude'. It does make me laugh! My friend Simon the Hat who emigrated to Sydney last year to be with his Aussie wife and start a family recently posted this up on Facebook
'It's great being a Pom in Australia right now FACT' Too right, I hate to sound unsporting, but they've been doing it to us for years.
The final thing if anyone's still reading is on friday night I went to a charity music gig at the Dome called Rockwell

with my physio Ian and my neighbour Tracey (who are now an item)
and it was rather enjoyable. A pretty Stellar line-up (including Lulu,
Robert Plant,
Ronan Keating (Yeugh),
Tom Jones,
Joss Stone,
Gabriela Cilme,
Beverly Knight
and a couple of the lads from Supergrass, Gaz
and Danny)
Highlights for me were Tom Jones who sang Sex Bomb and Its not Unusual, he looked so comfortable on stage even with his Grey hair. Razorlight were as usual awesome led by Jonny Borrell, known as an arrogant man. I'm afraid if I were him I'd be arrogant, he has a great voice and is clearly a talented musician and he's been linked to some fairly good looking women, it's time to shamelessly admit that I hate the b*stard. Jealously'll get me nowhere but I'm only human.
Ex Led Zepplin frontman Robert Plant was probably the highlight of the Night, he's still got an incredible voice and despite partying in the same style as Keith Richards he doesn't look like a mouldy scarecrow, he looks like he's growing old with some dignity. Lulu also started proceedings off with Shout! (what else). Basically a star-spangled night that we all enjoyed. The Dome is a great venue, even if it has in the past been let down by it's clientele (ie you're never more than 5 yards from an episode of Trisha) but thankfully a lot of chavs were probably put off by the quality of the lineup. I'm sure the Charity (Nordoff Robbins who fund music therapy did very well. Being a recipient of Music Therapy in hospital I would say it's a worthy cause.


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