24 Sep 2009

Post 156: Some walking videos

I'll attempt to post some recent ones. Assuming they worked, I just want to explain, I get very disheartened doing walking practise, I do it because it's the right thing to do but it never gets any easier even if you can notice improvement, this is how far I've got in 4 years, it's fairly heartbreaking! Everything to me is obscured by the bloody fatigue. Post 113 has a walking vid (from March this year) which acts as a useful comparison, afraid I just see someone unable to walk independently.


Nick said...

Dom, that is amazing. Fatigue may cloud YOUR judgement, but trust me that is HUGE progress.
It seems like only a couple of months ago you were in a cycling helmet, on a frame, with Ian doing most of the heavy lifting!
Well done and please keep up with all the hard work. It really IS making a difference.
Love, Walm

Dom P said...

Thanks big fella, although I hear there's a more lithe Walm in town?!

Anushka said...
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Anushka said...

Dont give up honey!! I know its still long way before you will be able to walk freely but you are getting there, slowly, but getting there xxxx



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