25 Oct 2009

Post 163: Conclusive proof that the 80s should not be revived

Another week where the only words that spring to mind immediately are average and mediocre but these are not words I'd use to describe my trip to the dome on Thursday evening to see 80s group Spandau Ballet. I had not been a fan first time around, this photo says it alland now I know there's an even better reason to hate them other than those mullets. I had only bought the tickets when Adrienne (my erstwhile carer) had professed (or should that be confessed) to like them and because she thought that Martin Kemp was the 'ideal man' so I thought it would be nice for her and I plus my neighbour Tracey go and see their revival concert. Here was a corpse that should never have been resucitated. Their music was painful. Since Adrienne and I parted company a few months ago, Ian (my physio/torturer and Tracey's now other half) came along instead of Adrienne and even though he has been a determined concert-goer in the past, he said to me that Spandua Ballets music was 'a bit boring', this is being diplomatic, I would gladly have locked them up in Spandau and thrown away the key. Their music is a dull procession of cheesy balads that somehow imagined that the addittion of a saxophone solo made it bearable (in every bloody song, if anything it made them sound more dated) and Tony Hadley (the lead singer) despite having lost weight is a crooner from the land that fashion forgot, ie to him, big shiny blue suits with shoulder pads must still be in. Their only good songs ('to cut a long story short' and 'Gold') were played first and last respectively so you can imagine that inbetween it was like purgatory. I also must say that I despise Martin Kemp, mainly for his Eastenderish, wideboy gangsterishness and the fact that when he does his trademark sharkish wideboy smile you expect him to have a glinting diamond set into one of his teeth. That look just stirs the desire for me to want to snap his fingers (see elsewhere on this blog for more references to the finger-snappin' top 100, eg post 15)
Apart from feeling physically violated by the musical dross on Thursday this week was tinged with disappointment because despite my best efforts at the last minute I was unable to turn up a driver/carer/friend to take my 2nd ticket to go and see Tim Minchins
sold out Hammersmith Apollo show which I'd only bought because I'd been so impressed by his show in Reading. This has taught me a valuable lesson, I must never take other people for granted and I need to make big changes to the way I buy tickets for things. At the moment I still buy tickets for things like an able bodied person would. If there's something I want to see and it's not sold out I buy them assuming that finding one or two others to go to an event for free will be easy, not so, people understandably have better things to do. Assuming that there will be someone around is of course a ridiculous able bodied attitude that a disabled person cannot afford to have, I've only got a few more events where I have this problem. Like Chalk and Cheese or more like what I think sh*t and champagne, I think I made up for the Spandau Ballet travesty by going to the best classical concert I think I've ever been to last night. I took my parents to Carmina Burana at the Albert Hall. For the Carmina Burana think old spice advert music and frankly it was pretty magical seeing and hearing a professional choir of several hundred singing one of the most dramatic pieces of music ever written in the greatest venue on earth from my favourite seats, the viewing platform almost adjacent to the stage. I also think I'm beginning to appreciate classical music even more because I was moved and impressed by the music in the first half to – usually I can appreciate this sort of music but I couldn't honestly say that it stirred strong feelings but I found myself saying after the opening piece of Berlioz 'that was brilliant', I had already heard the 2nd piece back in the first prom that I had been to back in July (post 146) and was rather thrilled it was on tonight's billing because it involves a particularly jolting moment when the huge Albert Hall organ comes in at full volume. Last time around it had actually woken me up, I wasn't dozing this time!
On the health front I am still continuing my 6 sessions a week torturous physio regime and on the advice of a local friend (who used to suffer terrible fatigue with ME) I went to see her Chinese Herbalist because she told me that the herbal Tea she was prescribed gave her some energy back so I figured 'what the Hell?', so I have been having two cups of this stuff a day for a couple of days and know that it's too early to notice any change but what I do know it's the most vile thing I've ever drunk in my life! I'd describe it as opaque dark brown, rather like what you'd expect if you added hot water to mud and it tastes worse than it looks. I would say it tastes of burnt tires! Yet another cross to bear! In slightly better news I have had a couple of great visits this week, these really are the best thing: Firstly, my lovely friend Alex Jackson and her charming fiancee Steve
took me out for lunch at the Bear, damn that place makes good business out of me! Secondly, and yet to arrive (surprise surprise) are my dear friends Alice and Dom who I haven't seen for ages because Alice has selfishly been off having their first child, a boy named Freddy who I am getting to meet today for the first time. , I have just bade them farewell after we had a rather splendid roast lunch lunch at the Bear and Freddy is an angel, just need to post this now before heading off to see Dara O'Briian at the Palladium.

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