3 Jan 2010

Post 175: 2010 arrives and its hard to be enthusiastic about it - it's going to be more of the same

Saying that I was probably going to have a nightmare after Christmas turned out to be prophetic because the day after I got home the heating stopped working and anyone in England will know how cold it is. Now usually an emergency call to my brother solves these little problems but quite rightly he's gone skiing. As luck would have it my physio (Ian) who now happens to be next door a lot (for good reason) was able to somehow fix it. Something to do with a fuse apparently, this was a bona fide miracle. Nothing just sorts out that easily. In the bad old days this sort of problem I could have quickly dealt with by fiddling with the pump and then the fusebox. Now I can't because neither of those things is accessible in a wheelchair. The pump is upstairs and the fusebox is under the stairs. *rse, it's rubbish being rubbish.
The rest of the time between Christmas and new year is confusing and nebulous. No-one has a clue what they're doing, are we on holiday? Have the sales started? Why is every other advert for sofas? Where is everyone? Can I be *rsed to stop watching telly? Is it OK to drink on a weeknight? What are the collective plans for the biggest anticlimax of the year?
I've been a bit lucky since I got back from my folks house on the 28th. For starters my mate Susan has been looking after me and is practical enough to have kept a level head and was able to put up with the lack of heat, she was able to keep me from freezing to death with a steady stream of hot water bottles and cups of tea. It may have been momentarily uncomfortable but it was better than the powercut before Christmas when literally nothing worked! The evening I got back I also had a call from Oli, a thoroughly nice man who often takes me out to say that him and Jim (another mate of mine from my DJ-ing days) were going to take me out for lunch the next day. What good lads, I was en route to sinking into a post Christmas bout of self loathing and they came along and totally prevented it by saying some really life affirming stuff and prevented me having some really selfish and self destructive thoughts that would not have been helpful. For New Year itself Susan and I did some serious telly-watching and red wine quaffing (the only thing I will be doing for New Year for some years). Last Year I managed to base a whole post on the excellent Big Fat Quiz of the year (post 94), this year I will say less because although it was brilliant, it wasn't quite as brilliant as last year (mainly because of the absence of Sean Lock). They had elected this year to team up Russell Brand with Jonathan Ross (a man that Frankie Boyle had called a £500 haircut on top of a mound of melting ice cream) – surely teaming Brand with Ross must have got daily mail hacks and readers foaming at the mouth not to mention browning the pants of Channel 4s lawyers, did anyone say 'righteous indignation'? David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker provided the posh accents as a foil to the lack of R's from Ross and Brand whilst no-one could understand Rob Brydon's welsh accent, no-one cared because he was paired with the impossibly sexy and sophisticated Claudia Winkelman. Anyway, the bottom line was it made me laugh which is what counts, I'm even starting to warm to host Jimmy Carr, his laugh is hilarious even if it reminds me of feeding time in the seal enclosure at London Zoo.
On New Years Day, despite having a slight hangover(bloody red wine again) I was lucky enough to be taken out for lunch by good college mate Rick, his wonderful wife (I seriously think she might be the nicest,kindest lady in the world) with their latest addition Theo (7 months), ( I always feel lucky to see them because they live in Chicago and the demands on their time must be substantial when they come and visit England particularly as Rick now gets US holiday (which last time I checked was sod all) It is a privilege and the Restaurant manager at the Bear even recognised my voice on the phone and despite being fully booked they found a table for us, at last, my status as their best customer is making a difference. 2009 has been a tough year and I expect 2010 to be even harder, nothing comes easy for me these days. Happy 2010!
I have dug out some goals that I wrote down in March.
My Goals -9/3/09
1. Walk Independently (with a stick if necessary) by the start of 2010
2. Be settled and in a loving relationship (Be in love) by the start of 2010
3. Forget about Natasha NOW
4. Write a book or have a job by the start of 2011
5. Regain some left arm use (that I'm happy with) by the start of 2011
6. Go on a holiday (take a flight) in 2010 - ie lie on a beach in 2010
1 is not going to happen but has been superceeded by walking into my birthday party (in March) with Ian's assistance and just a crutch. 2 is unlikely but there are some encouraging developments, I've achieved 3 but it has been hard/awful but with the invaluable help of my awesome psychologist Vicki (I think her and Becky vie for the top spot in 'the nicest girl in the world' contest, both are wonderful people that I have been lucky to know, both offer great words of encouragement to me in these dark times. In terms of becoming a writer, I am now in a position to put Thursday aside every week to do this writing course, I will then take it from there. 5 looks tricky and 6 needs research
And finally, if you want a laugh and enjoy satire as much as me, somehow watch 'The thick of it'. It's 'yes Minister' for the 21st century on crack and with more swearing than Gordon Ramsey on a golf course. Anything that takes the piss out of spin doctoring and Peter Mandelson is worth a look. It's genius, and if reality is anything like that, the Stress will kill them all in 10 years! Lol! Mandelson must be spinning in his coffin!

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