9 Jan 2010

Post 176: More evidence of global warming

Well there's only really one subject on everyone's minds this week, the snow, or should that be the bloody snow. I had a rant about this last year (in post 103), and I want to echo those thoughts but can't really be arsed to repeat them but know I am feeling as angry as Malcolm Tucker from my current favourite show 'the thick of it', underneath this calm façade, I am just moderately annoyed with this countries ineptitude, it was EXACTLY the same story last year,'not enough grit' 'coordination between central and local government a shambles, rather like my stroke, nothing seems to get better! I am even more Tucker-esque with the people who think snowday is wonderful, maybe I am over-reacting but I fail to see how the inability of people to get from A to B without them risking their lives is a good thing or how not having to go to school/work somehow outweighs this. Perhaps if you're a child or someone who pathologically hates their job I can see it, but otherwise I can see no earthly reason to enjoy the snow in this country and it being pretty is not a good enough reason. Reading post 103 also reminded me of how much happier I was with a woman in my life. Asli was cute, lovely and tactile but quickly drifted away because getting here was too hard for her and she didn't have a car. It is a sad but true fact that logistics are among the most important part of any relationship especially when one of you can't travel, the same is sadly true of friends and family. This shouldn't matter but it does, voices at the end of a phone or words on a screen cannot replace real people. Anyway, changing the subject (sigh.... wipes away tear... sigh) I have been trying to organise events to go to this year and have booked masses of tickets for things as varied as Ballet at the Albert Hall to Muse at Wembley Stadium so expect a flurry (sh*t snow reference sorry) of emails to avalanche (I'm on a pun roll) into your inboxes, through the trust page on facebook or through the driving group I setup Please join either or both but only if you want to. Seeing as I'm mouthing off about websites, I also want people who read this to visit and admire the new trust website which was kindly (and rather professionally) knocked together by my friend Shauns company, sadly for anyone who knows him he has recently re-emigrated to Australia with his wife, the rather wonderful Renae. They already tried it once and came back, we think this is it. I think he should become a stand up comedian. He has an opinion about everything and he's a funny man. He's easily enough of a champagne socialist!, this plea to Shaun has been inspired by two things:
1.Stephen K Amos saying it's the best job in the world
2.Markus Brigstocke saying you just have to have opinions and that you don't have to be Einstein. Admiteddly, taking that first step would require bravery that I can't even comprehend, there are few people in this world that could do it but I've seen lesser souls who have done it in the last couple of years and I've even paid for the privilidge. Another great mate of mine, Ian and his great wife Sharon have just had another addition to their family, Eleanor Joy, Ellie to go with Olly -Great Work!



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