24 Jan 2010

Post 180: an OK weekend (!)

The weirdness quotient in my life (already above the national average) increased last night because I went to see Varekai (Cirque du Soleil) at the Albert Hall and I will say this for starters: As someone who is focused on what the Human body can't do, I sit here today amazed at what the Human body can do. These people are amazing, they may be circus freaks but I saw feats of strength, coordination and balance last night which makes my struggle to achieve strength, coordination and balance seem laughable. I went last year to see Quidam (Post 95) and I stick by almost all of what I wrote. The major difference was that this time we had much better seats, after I'd made a fuss on the phone that it was only worthwhile me going if I could get space on the slightly nearer wheelchair platform adjacent to the stage. Consequently we were near enough to feel right on top of the action and unlike last year I could make out what was going on. The other big difference was who took me. Last year Dom'Iceman' Icely,one of my oldest and dearest friend. Now Dom is so laidback, he's practically horizontal and as I recall admired most of the death defying stuff with a stiff upper lip, this time my compatriots were local friend Sacha and my neighbour Tracey, who had left their stiff upper lips at the door replacing them with sharp in-takes of breath for each death defying stunt. Funnily enough this actually helped magnify the impressiveness of what was happening on stage! I can imagine they may have been asked to leave a cinema! Girls eh?
Anyway I have been taken out for a lush roast today by great mates the Daweses and I have just got an email from someone I'd really hoped I'd hear from, so as Sundays go, this isn't too bad. Despite my exhaustion I'm going to try and wrap up the weekend listening to some stand -up comedy at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith with Richard Herring, Robin Ince, Brendon Burns and inbetweeners giant sadistic Teacher Greg Davies. A mixed bag of styles there, from the pseudo-intellectual Ince to the aggressive, shouty, sweary typically Australian force of nature that is Burns. I think I'll laugh, a lot, expect to read about it here next week. Have a better week than me.

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