13 Feb 2010

Sadly, another week has ended in disappointment and I've got Valentines day to really look forward to, the last post should give a strong steer on how I feel about this most cynical of commerce driven festivals. Thinking about it, it's probably second to christmas in importance to retailers, this picture demonstrates the importance of seasonal sales, remember I used to be in retail. Do not underestimate the importance of these 'spending events' on the financial health of these huge institutions.
Anyway before I fly off on that fascinatingly soporific tangent, I was trying to explain why once again I feel disappointed because a couple of encouraging things did happen this week, I met some nice people and had one or two life-affirming online chats with random people. Nothing quite compares to the empty feeling of helplessness, actually, what's worse is not being able to do something that used to be easy, it's hard not to think that the whole world has got worse, or that other people don't give a toss about you anymore, it's that feeling when no-one answers your cry for help, it's the feeling you get when you've got tickets for a sold out gig that you can't get to because your lift has fallen through. This is what happened last night and has put the dampener on the week. It's not as though I could even have been said to have questionable taste as the gig was the universally lauded Massive Attack
at the Hammersmith Apollo, an easy venue to get to, park at and access, I'm sorry, this is all I can think about but I now understand why verbal or written apologies sometimes aren't accepted. When I get wheeled into my shower every morning and get left to my own devices I figured the way to counteract that lonely feeling was to have a radio. To a certain extent it has worked and I listen to Radio 1 seven days a week in the morning from about 9 till 10– intellectually, it's no great shakes, indeed, when vacant Himbo Vernon Kay came on the radio this morning the first thing he said this morning was 'I'd like to apologize to all me family and all the people I've let down', I don't know if you've been following the news but muppet Kay got busted sending sexy texts to another woman. Now Kay is married to rather beautiful presenter Tess Daly, clearly she had the braincell when this happened – anyway, what I think of their intelligence is beside the point, something clicked in my brain when I heard his apology, and I suddenly understood why my apologies in the past might not have been accepted, because verbal apologies take so little effort and are usually so unproportional to the damage that has been done, Vernon Kay is an *rse anyway. Speaking of which, I know I mentioned listening to Radio 1 seven days a week in the morning, how could I forget Chris Moyles,
his morning show is the right combination of idiocy, comedy, news and current music to render me slightly less depressed about my life and the day ahead before I eat my breakfast. It's like watching Eastenders, people watch/listen to make themselves feel less sh*t. So many people do this that said programme fools itself into thinking it's actually any good, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's any good. Critics/haters (there must be some) of this will say 'hasn't he got anything better to do than criticise popular culture?', well actually, no, I don't. As far as I'm concerned Moyles is a self congratulating questionably funny 2nd rate comedian (maybe I'm being a bit generous there) fat man who looks disturbingly like Mikey 'the pikey' Carroll (from the last post) and Moyles self righteous exercise stories or press up counts or tales of his visits to the gym make me want to be sick whilst his team hide behind like he's a playground bully although I am very fond of carrie's
voice, she just sounds lovely. Jesus, that was a bit of a rant, I sound as angry as I'd be with the guy from the 'Rowntrees Randoms' advert. If anyone behaved like him in real life they'd be on the sex offenders register! Wierdo's that aren't committed, zero tolerance. Much like Colin Hunt in the Fast Show.

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