14 Mar 2010

Post 191: Trying to mix things up


Is said...

Denise Bulger and her ex- husband actually always conducted themselves with great dignity given what happened to their son. I agree she isn't qualified to determine the law or it application but she nonetheless doesn't deserve your criticism. As for Venables being a thug in waiting - maybe, but only because of the abuse he suffered, not because of a daily mail stylee analysis of his picture!

Dom P said...

I knew this would upset some people - I have an irrational dislike of scousers after being 'almost mugged' and threated with being stabbed at Homelands 10 yrs ago. What happened to James Bulger is horrible but it doesn't qualify denise to comment, she's clearly too thick. I've always believed you can tell a lot about a person from their photo so apologies for expressing my opinion.I always prefer to agree on here to disagree before it gets to Jeremy Kyle or till Godwins law gets invoked



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