7 Mar 2010

Post 190: A forbidden planet that shouldn't have been returned too

I am feeling ever so slightly hungover today
after (over) indulging in the drinking of some quality red wine last night with my mate Rachel (right). She is a star. Firstly taking me to a dodgy local production of a musical I had first seen 20 years ago called 'Return to the forbidden Planet'.
When I first saw it I was blown away. It is basically an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' set on a spaceship with 60s and 70s Rock and Roll songs and highly choreographed dance routines. Professionally done with west end production values it is amazing, in Dorking Halls it was unfortunately as unfortunate as Pantomime. 20 years on I still remember that most of the cast could play multiple instruments and the cook, imaginatively called Cookie playing the guitar with his teeth. This time we could barely hear the guitar and the beautiful dancers I remembered had the kind of short sparkly dresses that should just not be worn with thighs that thick. This may sound cruel but both Rachel and I were traumatised. Despite this we both decided that at least we'd managed to venture out on what was a chilly pre-spring afternoon to see something a bit out of the ordinary, I also learnt that the biggest Vineyard in Europe is in fact in Surrey, a piece of trivia that I'd guarantee not a lot of people know! Big thanks to Rachel for enduring this amateur production , my company and keeping my wine glass well charged. I am slightly in awe today because after taking a cab home last night she ran the 4 miles here to pick up her car this morning! Wow!
Aside from Rachels heroics, I have been trying to institute one or two changes to try and make life better. At last I have seen a nutritionist to try and streamline my supplement intake and analyse my diet to try and get to the bottom of why I feel so exhausted and awful all the time. My supplement intake before was organised blunderbus like and was based on anyone saying 'have you tried such and such?' - consequently I was taking a million random supplements. I have also taken on a new personal trainer twice a week alongside my thrice weekly walking torture sessions. All in all this should be a more cost effective regime plus a change of personnel is important to make me feel I'm progressing. I already think that Ian has a tough enough job putting me through hell, so spreading the pain has got to help.

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