16 Mar 2010

Post 192: Highlighting some useful stuff

I think any report of my 33rd Birthday(that hasn't happened yet and is happening on Saturday) will have to wait, I will write it as soon as I can, but there are a couple of other things that have captured my imagination and attention this week.
Firstly, I have been slightly inspired by watching 'Eddie Iz running' which everyone should watch, It's on the BBC iplayer. It is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen and the most amazing example of mental strength I have ever seen and has made me realise what it is possible to do with 'Mind over Matter'. His plan was to run 43 marathons in 57 days around the British Isles for charity. When I first heard about this last year, I assumed he was a seasoned runner and I hardly understood what I was cheering about when I went to his stand-up show at the Dome in December (Post 170) and mentioned that he'd been on 'a little run'. He is about as much of a runner as I am and I used to hate running!The bit where he says 'of course I've run before...','...mainly for buses' is the bit where it hit me 'this guy is crazy', there's then a bit later when he says 'my body certainly doesn't want to but my mind is determined 'incredible' Most people would probably be looking for an excuse to get out of it but everytime he talks to the camera he gives himself less and less chance to do this, I've just struggled to walk the 200 yards up and down my garden three times. This is sweet FA compared to Eddies effort but somehow I can make it feel like three up-hill marathons. I wish I had that sort of mental strength but sadly I don't. It also looks like my plan to walk with a crutch into my birthday on Saturday is in Jeopardy because my physio (Ian) has to work and he's the only person I have the confidence in to help me walk – there is no contingency plan, and illustrates to me the lack of control I have in my life. It's pathetic.

The 2nd thing I want to commend to people is the program the BBC are running about John Lewis
(also on the BBC iplayer. It is fascinating, not least because I've spotted a lot of my former colleagues on it. John Lewis have basically saved me from living the rest of my life in Poverty. I was only there for 17 months but they pay me a disability pension that keeps me in food and fuel. What comes across loud and clear from the program is that the company exists for the benefit of the people who work for it and the only way to ensure it's longevity is to be as competitive as they can while keeping their customers happy - 'delighted' was the word on the internal literature and keep them coming back. Like every other big retailer, the credit crunch has been a nightmare but John Lewis have survived. They will never be the most exciting shop in the village but that is far from the aim. I am the last person in the world likely to suck up to an employer but without my 17 months and the friends I made there I'd be a fraction of who I am today, some of the ways in which they work may appear mad, but there is method to this madness! Speaking of which, I have no grandiose ending in mind so this recent picture of my crazy cat will have to do – we still have no idea of what possessed her to jump up there in the first place.


any said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Kolor said...

The cat looks happy enough. :)

By the way, I was thinking of borrowing one of the images in your blogs. The one that goes "Cynicism meter", would that be ok ?



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