11 Apr 2010

Post 199: A mission of a week

It has been a week that has got better, a bit tautologous because weeks always get better the nearer to the weekend they get. Still no luck finding anyone to replace Mariusz and Ilona, so that's pretty much up there on a rather bulky list of things to worry about. I've got enough to worry about without getting a stomach Ulcer too!Despite saying in my last post that spring was struggling to start, looking outside, it's not bloody winter is it? Well before I start quantifying poultry and adding my name to the long list of psychological studies that have noticed a 1:1 correlation between mood and the weather, I will just remember what country I live in and expect snow next week. This never seems to bother those lucky b*stards that live in Australia, the only downside with living there is Australian people obviously ;-). It'll be interesting to see who can take a joke. Following my rather undignified plea for people to come and see me I had a rather full week of visitors, better still some of them from people who don't read this so people who decided to come and see me of their own volition, e.g. two lads I haven't seen since I was in hospital: Ben Payne and Matt Stradling, two guys who I played Golf with in the university team over 10 years ago – seen here offering me moral support when we stuck it to Cambridge in 1999. Yes that is me with the golf club and silly shorts! Ben in the middle and Strad on the right. Since those days Ben has managed to shake off the pesky loose cannon he was tethered to and Strad has got married and has written a couple of Screenplays, both of which have been made into films, the latest one ' the Pimp' starring typecast 'cockney urchin' Danny Dyer was apparently reviewed as 'relentlessly obnoxious', an accolade so great that Strad even told me he might get it put on the poster! Apparently, the film will be showing in smaller cinemas in mid May. It never threatened to be a special affects laden summer blockbuster. Other things that have helped this week have been receiving a useful email from a fellow stroke survivor telling me that he understood my reasons for stopping my walking therapy, so kind of him because it helped put into words what I have been thinking for a long time:
1.That non stroke survivors can't understand what it's like to literally have nothing in the tank
2.'do enough therapy and you WILL get better' is a misconception.
'we've only got finite time and energy so there's no reason why we shouldn't devote that to trying to make the best of what we are now - not that i even manage that very well!' He's clearly a Smart fella.
I have also been visited for tea by a few local friends I have met in the last two years, they have restored my faith in humanity, Thankyou Vicki, AJ,
and Rachel. The fact that you bother to talk and listen to my ramblings gives me faith that there are nice people in this world willing to give up their valuable time to people who have been cut down and are willing to not ignore my lone stroke-affected voice.
Last night (Saturday), I took my parents, rather they took me to the wonderful Royal Albert Hall to see Ennio Morricone, the composer who wrote the masterpiece Score to the film 'The Mission' written almost 30 years ago, I had originally put 'Oscar-winning to go with that but he's in an elite club of geniuses, including Orson Wells that the academy have overlooked, trumped up fools) – The main melody to the mission remains one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces I have ever heard whilst the main Melody to 'The good, the bad and the ugly is etched indelibly in people's sub-conscious. I'm pretty sure it was one of the longest concerts I've ever been to ( 3.5 hours, two intervals) but my was it worth it when my dad turned to me, wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and simply said 'marvelous', our capacity to get moved by things is pretty high in this family. That one moment reminded me why I take people/get them to take me to events – to make them laugh/ to make them cry, it's worth every ounce of what I put into them and then some and I'm loving it (sometimes) (Please McDonalds don't sue). By the end of the evening despite being virtually unconscious, I was left in no doubt that Maestro Morricone is a true Premier League modern composer up there with John Williams, he may not have written so much but he is not Spielberg/Lucas' muse. Instead he is clearly an Italian National Treasure, I was privileged to be there. I do try to fill my life with as much beauty and entertainment as I can now manage and it is a struggle. And to end the week on a really high note, I'm going to lunch later with the hilarious Sacha, another new local friend who makes me laugh so much I almost wished I still had a catheter!

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