24 Apr 2010

Post 202: Parents manage to 'holiday' despite the cloud (which is me of course)

This has been the first time in a long time when I have felt a bit reluctant to put metaphorical pen to paper because I've felt too tired to do it. I can already hear my parents sighing(they're in America visiting my sister and the all important million decibel granchildren and the lovely new Golden retriever puppy Rosie who I already think of as 'poor Rosie'.Don't get me wrong I love my sisters kids but I also love peace and quiet. American kids (for that is what they are) don't know the meaning of the words 'please be quiet' best summed up for me by my sister telling me at Christmas 2009 (Post 174 ) 'They're children, you can't just switch them off'. She is right of course but shouting at them to shut up once in a while couldn't hurt? It's because of this blasted fatigue, usually I'd be more tolerant but peace and quiet is so restful, if I felt better, I'd almost say blissfull. Someone who doesn't seem to understand the concept of fatigue is my mother. Her current jaunt across the Atlantic ticks none of the boxes that to me would go to make up the definition of the word 'holiday'. For a start the stress and pent up energy that Mum needs to disperse exploded with a force equal to that bloody volcano in Iceland when she found out her flight might be delayed and like a smack addict needing her next fix and about to 'chase the dragon' the panic over possibly not seeing the grandchildren was pretty disturbing and made worse by whispers that airlines wouldn't reimburse or compensate passengers because it was a natural disaster or 'act of god', that'd be an interesting court case wouldn't it? How can it be 'an act of god' when god doesn't exist? My radical atheism and confused existentialism becomes more Dawkensian by the day despite the fact I can't stand the man's smugness. As it was, my parents plane took off as scheduled with them on board and thankfully they got to America free of incident. Mum has had her fix and Dad can now have some relative peace. I may take the p*ss but I am so grateful to them so I took them out to the Albert Hall to the event that had reignited my interest in Classical Music last year:Symphonic Rock, a concert that my great friends Jackie and Selwyn took me to this time last year (post 118) . It is a rather awesome concert actually, it is the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing things like 'Sgt Peppers' or 'living on a prayer' by Bon Jovi introduced by hairstyle for radio BBCRadio 2's Ken Bruce. From where I was sitting
he reminded me (bearing in mind my awful eyesight) of the Catherine Tate character Derek, so far in the closet he's in Narnia. You know 'me dear, gay dear, no dear' 'how very dare you!' Finished with 'I find you impertinent!' More catchphrases than Bruce Forsyth. His inadvertent best moment was when he forgot his microphone. He tried to make up for it when he got it back by telling one of his stock after dinner jokes. Saying that after forgetting his mike he'd just been to the bar and knocked back two quadruple scotches quipping hilariously to the barman 'I shouldn't be having these with what I've got' 'what's that?' says the barman. '50p'. Laugh? Neither did I. Showing his mid-morning radio 2 credentials there. What made the concert quite magical for my mother was all the orchestral percussion. She's always banging on about it.[the shame, sorry] In other news, my search for a female companion goes on, and on. My latest troubling thought is that modern girls are too embarrassed to be with a disabled guy. There are many reasons to be embarrassed by me, I sincerely hope being like I am physically is not the main one, that's sadly how each knockback feels though and it really stings. The other sad news is that this is Mariusz andIlona's last weekend here before moving to a bigger house that'll be more suitable for starting a family properly. I will miss them, they have been 100% reliable which is what I need and Mariusz' omelettes are sensational and his cooking in the evening has got better and better. They're not going back to Poland, yet, so hope we stay in touch. They have taught me how to exist as a semi-independent being. Just this morning, a local girl who I'd been in touch with through facebook said to me that she was thinking about nursing at Ashtead hospital, this is what I wrote back, I hope it helps her
'It's nice at Ashtead, I went there a couple of times for consultations. Nursing is not about doing 'ER' style trauma incidents, it's about looking after people who can't look after themselves, imagine looking after an adult Charlie [her baby] - It's about motivating people just by being nice to them. Being in hospital is horrible for most people, they're ill and away from their homes and a comforting smile is priceless. I was in hospital for two and a bit years, and even though the 2nd hospital I was in (in putney) had much better facilities and nicer buildings I hated it because of the staff, all it comes down to is the staff. If your impulse is to care for people and make their lives better then go for it or move in with me!

I suppose the thing I've managed to ignore, which is strange for someone with my background(ie a politics and economics degree) is this impending election. I'm rather ashamed to say that Apathy has won the day. I dislike Gordon Brown because he sounds like the sort of dour, humourless bore you'd cross the road to avoid. Cameron sounds as sincere as Kim Jong Il at a disarmament conference or the American Delegation at a conference about the environment or the Chinese at a conference about human rights, Mel Gibson promising to lay off the booze at a bar mitzvah etc, I could go on but you get my point and behind Nick Clegg is a party of beards and sandals which leaves me with a choice of noone! Also, I can never listen to what politicians say Рbecause frankly it's all words, and actions always speak louder than words. One clich̩ I can tolerate. At the end of the day all they do is talk a good game! I do agree with 'master of the dark arts' Alistair Campbell though when he says 'some of the best things have been achieved through politics' this may be true but I still believe my utterly unworkable rule should become law somehow
'anyone with political aspirations should be banned from ever becoming a politician' This obviously doesn't include my mate Matt who was treasurer of the trust till recently. He has been selected to be a Tory candidate in a comparatively safe Suffolk seat on May 6th. Matt may be a bit of a 'Tory Boy' but it doesn't make me one. Yes, I'm conservative with a small c but I have no idea who to vote for.


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You can vote for me if you can't decide, I didn't register in time ;) Just tick the most leftwing candidate on the list, thanks :)

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Shaun - I have little doubt that you'll make your feelings known from 'the Melbourne branch of the SWP'



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