29 Apr 2010

Post 203: Living the dream: A dream?

I have had a couple of pretty poor nights sleep because I have been dream philosophising about life, the universe and everything' Not for the first time. I think I eventually came to the conclusion that 'living the dream' should be everyone's aim. 'living the dream' is basically earning your living from something you genuinely love doing. Where you can get out of bed when you want in the morning. I used to like, even love, my job but it was just that, a job. As far as I could tell, the people 'living the dream' were musicians, Djs and comedians.
I think it was because of the fun I had being an anonymous small-time London DJ that doing that full time would have been 'living the dream' but everyone else who'd ever been near a DJ Booth had figured that out which made it one of the most competitive markets on the planet, and as such it was about who you knew so gigs were acquired by getting to know people and getting on with them. Not really a meritocracy. To this day some of these sort of people are among my best mates. We used to look at the likes of Tiesto,
Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong and Sasha amongst others and think that was 'living the dream' but What used to wind me up and it does to this day are three things:
1.People who used to insist this was 'hard work'. No it wasn't,going around getting gigs and DJing, it was partying pure and simple. A lot of these people thought they could make a living from it which there's no way they could. What's important is that people acknowledge as soon as they can that it was just a hobby.
2.(usually part of 1)Delusional people who can't accept this is 'just a hobby' do the most damage to themselves or to those with the genuine talent to 'live the dream'
3.Lucky people who 'Live the dream' but have no discernible talent and are devoid of intelligence, people like N-Dubz, does anyone else think these people would be nicking mobile phones and would be hanging around corners on the streets of south London if for some reason tasteless people weren't buying their music. If I hear 'Dappy'
being asked about anything again again I will hurt myself, or if I hear Diana Vickers opinion on anything, so vacuous that despite being English she could barely speak it, she clearly is to contemporary pop what Wayne Rooney is to football. Speaking of which it's like asking a footballers view on anything. Pointless, insulting even. The list of people who don't deserve to be 'living the dream' but are is sadly almost endless. We could start with Mick Hucknall,
actually Peter Andre for alphabetical orders sake, I was going to use Aaliyah but she died, I could then work my way my way through to Jay Z but that much ranting isn't good for anyone, especially anyone brave enough to read this.
I like to think I didn't delude myself about making it for too long and that I realised I was a punter, not a player. I had fun, met lots of people who I'm sure I'll be friends for life with, but on the flipside I met some idiots, the kind of people I'd file under 'n'er do well'. What do I blame for the preponderance of people who appear to be 'living the dream' without having earned it? Celebrity culture and bloody reality TV,Shows like the x factor
or 'Britain exploits the mentally challenged'. Kids these days think that they can just flunk their education but everything'll be ok, because if you're a boy, you can become a footballer and earn 30 grand a week or if you're a girl you can be like Jordan and earn a fortune by having no shame with her 'dignity filleting' plastic surgery [such a great expression borrowed from fellow angry man Charlie Brooker].

Back to my old life, I used to wonder what a lot of these ne'r do wells' did in the 'real world'. What was really scary were that a lot of them were still seemingly at school, it's quite scary feeling old somewhere when you're 25. I am aware that this might have sounded like an angry rant. These particularly come out on days when I realise the difference between my new life and the old one. It's difficult to 'always look on the bright side of life...' but I sometimes manage. People who expect me to be fine are the ones who don't get it, I certainly can't aspire to 'living the dream' any more. It will always be a dream.

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