1 May 2010

Post 204: Some ickle concerns over supplements

It has been a week where I don't really feel I've achieved much. I have been sad to see my housekeepers/housemates Mariusz &Ilona leave but Susan has moved in. Like anything there is bound to be a transition where she will gradually absord the little idiosyncracies that I have developed since I can't fully look after myself and my house anymore. This still depresses me. One unexpected good thing which'll make people shake their head, and laugh in equal measure is that I sent out a request for friends to write a testimonial about me for a dating website. I have been genuinely moved and humbled by some of the responses which I won't reproduce because I'm not that much of a narcissist but thanks to those who wrote them, it's nice to know what people actually think of me, and it was rather nicer than I'd hoped. The funny bit is Zoosk (the site) sent a request for a testimonial to everyone in my address book including a few that it certainly shouldn't have gone to. My ex, you know, the girl who shattered my heart when she left me when I was in hospital and was then married within the year, the big boss lady at my old job, the donotreply address that Amazon use. I blame my rubbish post-stroke eyesight! It was a mistake sort of similar to that in the hilarious Claire Swires incident
(almost a decade ago now) which was made funnier because said victim (miss Swires, the sword-swallower and wine taster in question) was the daughter of some high falluting hoighty toighty friend of my mothers and apparently they were mortified. Gutted for them!
In other news, although I haven't gained any weight on this new diet despite some early fears, I haven't exactly gained any energy. A couple of supplements for building up my Cortisol levels have arrived, I wonder, if unlike other food supplements they'll actually do something -they certainly look the part and cost the part but unlike other medication the huge supplement market doesn't seem to have strict efficacy procedures. No siree, they're quite happy to take money off vulnerable, sick, desperate people. The amount of money that unproven medical techniques must extract annually is staggering. When I think of the money I have wasted. According to Jose (my personal trainer) you get what you pay for with supplements and you want to stay well clear of those synthetic supplements you get in Holland and Barrett, Boots or the supermarkets apparently, the body barely even registers their existence before excreting them.
I am on a high protein diet, which is ok to eat, it means Omelettes (yum), Chicken and veg, protein is 'the building blocks of life' apparently. My builders must be on strike or be as useful 'as an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping'[blackadder], speaking of great comedy let me commend Phoenix Nights to people – I got the series 1&2 DVDs on Monday and have been watching them in the evenings. Bloody Genius! If I ever go to Bolton, which I won't, I won't be able to keep a straight face! I now realise how the cult of the talent show originated. My memory of laughing just about obliterates the memory of last night when I had tickets for another sold out gig (deadmau5 at Brixton Academy) but I didn't plan who was taking me well enough. Argh! There must be a girl out there somewhere who can drive me to these things, and wants to share them with me!

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