14 May 2010

Post 206: Falling for another bloody popstar

There was a time when going to a concert or seeing a comedian was pretty much a whole post, you probably wished it would be, but it never quite works out like that, would were it that simple! This week on Tuesday I went to see Jason Manford for the 3rd time, the last time being channel 4s comedy gala back in April (post 197) and the first time being about 17 months ago back in November 2008 (post 82). For the gala he was just a small name alongside comedy gods and behemoths like Bill Bailey and Michael MacIntyre, I think his exact words when he finished were 'Thankyou O2, I've been Jason Manford, I may have been on first but it doesn't mean I'm sh*t' actually thinking about it I must have got that off the TV coverage later because I arrived late! Anyway my point is here is a young man who's career is now in orbit and he is still so down to Earth, basically a normal 30 something lad from Manchester often referred to as 'the Northern Michael MacIntyre'. I can't say enough good things about the guy, his comedy is pitched just right for a cynical b*stard like me who needs cheering up from time to time but it doesn't have the unforgiving darkness of Frankie Boyle
or the relentless grating positivity of Russell Howard, in fact what brought this home to me was when Manford pointed out that the Malboro man
dying of lung cancer (which he did) is like the Honey Monster
falling into a diabetic coma' followed by him saying 'I think I'll give that to Frankie Boyle'. Basically his combination of northern middle class observational humour plus some good humoured piss-taking is pitched to give something for everyone plus as per usual with comedians he comes across as clever as hell and he even gave everyone back £5 after the Hammersmith Riverside had charged too much for the tickets. Whereas in London the reaction had been '£5, that's nice' in Burnley the crowd had suddenly been able to afford 'an house'. London -'sigh'. He was also able to work in some excellent pisstaking out of his family, something I of course know nothing about! Ie When his brother had told his Dad 'I want to go to Australia to find myself', his Dad had answered 'you want to go and find yourself A Job' and 'what if you do find him and he's a knobhead too?' - excellent Northernness there!a huge thankyou must go to Anna for kindly taking me to this, she has very kindly offered to drive me to things out of the goodness of her heart when she's not busy because she figured out I need help and bearing in mind that we don't know each other than through facebook this is especially kind. Some people do restore my faith in humanity, like my personal trainer Jose who agreed to take me to see Florence and the machine
at the Hammersmith Apollo on Thursday after my lift was struck down by some nasty sounding Gastric complaint which apparently involved the word projectile at both ends. Delightful.
Florence was amazing, I think I'm in love. Not since seeing Emma Johnson play clarinet (post 145) have I been so impressed. Lily Allen is just sexy but Florence seems to be more of a complete package. She is a tiny little flame haired Angel with the most incredible voice. When she sang her hits 'you've got the love' and 'dog days' the roof almost came off the Hammersmith Apollo
which without seats is just like Brixton Academy. She deserved her Brit award, I was so impressed and I'm not even one of her legion of 20 something gypsy skirt wearing posh girl fans who provided us with interesting window shopping, definitely a top ten gig and more thanks to Jose for stepping in and saving the day, he agrees with me that there's little worse than having tickets for a gig and not being able to go to it, my mental health takes enough knocks without that happening, it's nice not to be alone which is half of the reason I go to gigs.
Anyway, this weekend I've got the wedding of some great friends of mine, Alex and Steve. They'll look amazing!

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