29 May 2010

Post 211:Some unfashionable thoughts on football

Sadly because I can't do much else (I do try though!), I listen to the radio a bit and watch a bit of TV, and I have noticed something. In the morning every thing's brilliant and after the watershed every thing's sh*t. I don't mean in terms of quality, rather everything and everyone to Chris Moyles on the radio 1 breakfast show is 'brilliant' or 'amazing' whereas in the evening on 'Mock the Week' or 'You have been Watching' or 'Have I got news for you' or 'the nine O'Clock news' everything is sh*t. No prizes for guessing which I find more disingenuous and makes me angry. That's right, if something or someone is worthy of merit or praise I will say so if it's not then I'll vociferously come down on it like a ton of breeze blocks (that's a lot of breeze blocks) and if there's one thing worse than this it's praise when you know full well it's not deserved like saying that Robert Mugabe was a 'model statesman' or that 'Hitler had the right idea'
Admittedly this is not on the same level as Chris Moyles or Lorraine Kelly sucking up to stars but you get the picture. One thing I did thoroughly enjoy on BBC3 the other night was 'Englands worst ever Football XI'. Now, I am a football hater, not a disliker, a hater. I realise with the world cup coming up this is an unfashionable, unpopular even, position to take but frankly I don't give a toss, it's a rubbish, boring game played by overpaid borderline retards who would be burgling houses if football didn't exist. I despair at the attention and money it receives, sometimes from quite clever people. What I particularly enjoyed about last nights program was the fact that they took into account the players off pitch shenanigans as well as their awfulness on the pitch as possible reasons for inclusion so I was delighted that John Terry was named captain and that Kieron Dyer made the side for his 'look at all my money' Ferrari driving, Rolex wearing 'roasting' antics, by the same tokens Ghashley Cole and David Beckham were considered but only survived selection on the basis that they were ok footballers, but the real icing on the cake was that in their opinion was that prize moron Steve McClaren pipped Graham Taylor to the accolade of being manager, surely a job only an imbecile would take, oh, I've proved my point accidentally!. Forget XI plus manager, I could have held the door to room 101 open all day! This will be the 2nd world cup there's been since my stroke and I won't deny that watching England play is exciting but I can't help feeling we'll get knocked out on penalties again! Beautiful game. It's as beautiful as Chris Moyles ass in the buff (I expect) and thanks to Lisa for coming round to have a cup of tea, excellent local counsel!
I'm off on Sunday to a rugby game at Twickenham, I'd spotted this online several months ago and even though I'm not much of a Rugby fan, my dad is so if I could get hold of tickets I'd give it a goand lo and behold tickets have arrived . In some rare good new I had a call yesterday from the Albert Hall Box Office to tell me I'd been successful in the ballot for Last night of the Proms tickets in September, the day before that I'm going to Muse at Wembley. That's something to look forward too at least!



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