4 Jun 2010

Post 212: Rockstars, the only real gods

A genuinely interesting week and today (Friday 4th) the sun is shining and I feel genuinely optimistic for the first time in years. I discovered some interesting new local friends, lovely lisa, who came to see me on Saturday and I alluded to in my last post and gorgeous Christina who I think I like just a bit (you can probably see why and we talked for hours) and thinking of much else since has been tricky. She came to see me on bank holiday Monday. I am so pleased to have met them because it gives me strength to believe that there are people I haven't met yet who are willing to give me a chance, a chance that I have convinced myself that people who don't know me aren't willing to give me. I have also found some inspiration from a brilliant BBC documentary called 'I'm in a Rock and Roll Band'.
Now bearing in mind I've always had a healthy (unhealthy more like) interest in what life would be like if you made it in the music industry (as a DJ), being in a rock band would be even better, but possessing no musical skill, except perhaps passable clarinet (ie not good enough) and woodwind never beeing popular in Rock'n'Roll except cheesy saxaphone solos in every bloody Spandau Ballet ballad and I had the sort of broken voice singing voice that only a mother could love so no way in.
I caught the series on iplayer purely for interest and voyeuristic purposes and it had some great talking heads, like Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Roger Daltery,
Noddy Holder (!!), James Dean Bradfield, Matt Bellamy, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi's guitarist) among others talking about what it took to be great in this game . According to Alice Cooper it was all about presentation and creating an image (what a surprise he said that!), although he never actually bit the head off a chicken though he wasn't about to tell the press the truth (why let trivial facts get in the way of a good story?) but the awful Bob Geldof (awful because of his aggressive pushiness) says it best “you join a rock band to get rich, get famous, and get laid” Brilliant, where do I sign? Then Jonny Borrell from Razorlight said 'could you imagine if you could get as drunk as you wanted, and never had to stop drinking' (perhaps showing his reputation for being a bit of a c*ck there) in complete health I could be persuaded this might be fun (post finals springs to mind!) as it happens I think I could have just about managed that a decade ago but they now call drinking 'binge drinking'! Now, I couldn't imagine anything worse than drinking to excess. But I can empathise with the feeling of 'you and your mates against the world' Forget conventions, pub closing or bed times and modern ethics, all we wanted to do was make each other laugh and be 'part of a gang'. It's funny how the sense of humour is driven by alcohol and tiredness. By that rationale I should drink more, on second thoughts I'm now a total lightweight and staying up beyond 9 is a bit difficult. Booze isn't exactly known for helping you stay awake too! I'm not much of a drinker these days truth be told except for the odd sociable glass of decent red wine. I probably spend a disproportionate amount of my income on this. There are many things worse than bad red wine but I refuse to put up with it if I can help it, so by that rationale I order good red wine by the case and I only drink it on weekend evenings or when I'm expecting the company of another red wine drinker although Susan (my housekeeper/carer) is partial to the odd glass so sometimes we throw caution to the wind and have a glass with dinner.
All very Rocknroll, which brings me back on subject, apart from for the music and their talent and sometimes genius, I am fascinated by rocknroll stars, we all are (well most of us) because they've been able to buck the system. I'm not much of a smash the system kind of guy (I can't stand daft smelly hippies and f*cking anarchists) but after all I owe my life to the state after the NHS Charing Cross hospital saved it on Christmas day 2005. No, I've always been more of a 'screw the system' bloke. As I see it the system's always been Birth,School,Work,Retire and Die and being able to completely cut out work to do the thing you want to do with your mates is indeed a siren call, which lead many to wreck themselves on the rocks. For every Keith Richards or Iggy Pop there are a hundred (probably times a few factors) people who died or did serious damage because the drugs and alcohol didn't pickle their bodies
I admire, worship even, rockstars because life to them is about the relentless pursuit of things that make them feel good, and they're able to do what they do in front of thousands of people. It must be awesome. Playing to a handful of strangers in a dingy sh*thole was exhilirating enough and seeing people love it was amazing. Friends of mine who were playing their own music would love it even more and even though this was small scale compared to say a megaband like Muse playing at Wembley, it was still a night having a laugh with your mates! I still try and laugh, I do so through trying to find funny things, seeing funny mates or by pursuing that most elusive of commodities happiness which can only be achieved by spending time with you friends, making new ones (like Lisa and Christina) and laughing with old ones ( like Simon
who popped in yesterday, a flying visit so he could take the piss out of me and swear at me and I could do the same back -we wouldn't have it any other way!) Speaking of piss-taking in my opinion the highest form of humour (if done well and the person having the piss taken can take it) I have been loving Sky 1's new sports quiz 'a league of their own' hosted by 'man down the pub' comedy heavyweight James Cordon. Although the Sports content is as dreary as question of sport it's beauty and hilarity is in the banter between the captains/contestants and Cordon One of the team captain's Jamie Redknap is always being teased about how easily and how often he would get injured ( not helped by Jamie's admission that the first time he had been injured had been playing snooker), Andrew Flintoff gets mercilessly ribbed for always being drunk whilst Corden himself gets torn a new one for being a fat b*stard. Playground stuff maybe, but it's compulsive laugh out loud stuff. I love it which is why I was loving Channel 4's comedy roasts which were the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Seeing Bruce Forsyth thank his wife for 'giving him a life I could only have dreamed about' was proof to me that meeting the right person is what it's all about.



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