8 Jun 2010

Post 213:Ow!

A week I'm going to have to file under not sure, one thing I am sure about is me plus alcohol has about as much affinity as Lactose intolerance and the milk marketing board!
On saturday night it was Rachel's phD graduation party, she's a smart cookie because she's just become a doctor of physics so for some reason she had decided to have a supervillains party, and she had kindly invited me. As usual my first problem is getting someone to drive. Now, there is no way I'm going to ask Rachel or any of her friends going to the party because that wouldn't be fair, so since my stroke most evening social events are pretty much out of bounds for me, cue the arrival of Anna. I advertised on Gumtree to see if I could find someone trustworthy to drive me to the occasional event (ie they'd drive my van there and back and get the equivalent of a cabfare). I linked the ad to facebook and Anna (hitherto a complete stranger agreed to do because she ' just wanted to help'. She is a saint and refuses to be paid, she took me to this party, and drove me back at midnight, refused the spare room and drove back to where she lives (an hour away in Portsmouth). This sort of kindness leaves me lost for words. She is simply the kind of person who wants to help. Her dream is to run a homeless shelter and give 20 homeless people a roof over their heads. Some people are just nice. So the party started at 93 feet East on Brick Lane where we sat outside in the evening sun until we decided to hotwheel it to the bar of the Hotel Rachel's parents were staying in after they were offered drugs by some dodgy b*stards. Apart from the fact that London's streets are as suited to a wheelchair as a steam locomotive to a skislope this was a good move, the hotel bar was rather more chilled out and gave me more of a chance to chat to Rachel's friends including one guy who had worked with a good mate of mine, in a louder setting I often feel sorry for the poor person who ends up talking to me, because my stroke weakened voice must be a mission to understand and when there's a lot of noise I struggle to pick out what I'm supposed to hear. I've always been bad at this but now it's appalling! Anyway, difficulties aside it was the type of evening that I'll always try and go to even though it's a huge investment in energy these days, to put this in some context, just sitting in my chair is tiring, when I first had the stroke I could only sit in a much more supportive wheelchair
for 15 minutes before fatiguing and being hoisted back to my hospital bed. I suppose that was four years ago, I wonder where I'll be in another four? Sometimes I can't help thinking I'll be right here, unable to imagine things improving, I can't let that happen!
Where was I? Oh yes, Saturday, it didn't just end there, when I got home, I found my neighbours, my brother and my housekeeper getting pissed out on my terrace so naturally I joined in, several sociable glasses of red wine turned into several unneccesary ones! I suppose I deserved it when I woke up in my wheelchair in my sitting room at 7:30 in the morning, I've never done this since my stroke and I hope it never happens again, god it was painful. This kind of hideous foolishness is the kind of thing that might have happened a decade ago. Sunday was therefore a tricky day. I was taken out for lunch at the Bear by my great Uni mate Helen and her significant other James (on the left) and then I'd planned to watch the brilliant Avatar with the wonderful Christina.When I told her I was hungover she genuinely said she was pleased! That is a turn up for the books! To say I was on less than top form is an understatement.
Now it's Tuesday and Jose (my trainer) is about to arrive but yesterday when my Dad took me to lunch, I almost fell over in the loo and mashed my left hand. Now I can't usually feel my left hand but it hurts today and bits of my index finger are a lovely shade of Purple! X-Ray later. Oh f*ck.
Anyway, it has been some time since I've ended one of these with a gratuitous cat shot. Here's one of my neighbours cats (Boris) going mental over a catnip Chipmonk I found on Amazon the other day, There is nothing they don't sell!


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