18 Jun 2010

Post 216:Aerosmith!

This isn't a joke, it's an observation! What do you get when you cross Mick Jagger,
Jim Morrison and Axl Rose's voice? In my opinion you get Steve Tyler from Aerosmith,
ok so possibly it's Mick Jaggers spitting Image puppet after it's been left on a radiator (that's a joke) but the point still stands. I know I say a lot of gigs are great but Aerosmith on 15/6 genuinely was. I'm still trying to work out why America's bestselling hard rock band [wikipedia FACT]were only worthy of a Tuesday at the Dome (still comfortably the best large music venue I've ever been to.
The trouble with hard rock is it does have the propensity to attract a lot of fortysomething overweight blokes who look as though they're there to abduct, torture and murder someone like at Spinal Tap last year, or the New Kids on the block concert that was full of chavs (post), I don't understand how they manage to afford concerts alongside the cost of superkings, fake burberry and sky sports and those bloody little England flags. Maybe I'm being unfair, the thing that gets me is these people can walk and feel (relatively) normal. I do feel a bit bitter at this but all I can do is keep going to these things
So, I do, I almost didn't go, because the people who were supposed to take me were too tired. If I decided that I wouldn't go to things because I was tired I wouldn't go to anything. That said,they had been at the Isle of Wight festival over the weekend! Jose and Bec heroically stepped in at the last minute to save my bacon, and them being Aerosmith enthusiasts helped a bundle and Bec took some great pics! Aerosmith played all the tracks that I recognised, even the uberschmaltzy 'I don't want to miss a thing with obligatory screenshots from uberschmaltzy Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon. Everytime Ben Afflecks face appeared I couldn't stifle a giggle and think of Bill Baileys observation that in all his films 'he looks like a bloke that's just dawned on him he might have left the back door open'. TeeHee.

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