14 Aug 2010

Post 227: 'Cat'astrophe averted and even better news

Very little of what happens these days is life affirming but a couple of good things happened lately. The first refers to the pun in the title. Earlier this week 'Cheese', the male silver tabby was knocked out of Susan's first floor window by his delightful sister or he saw the open window and made a bid for kitty freedom. Distraught Susan (bless her) was unable to catch the little blighter then and there but two days later we found him at the bottom of the garden with the help of his sister who obligingly mewed a lot, my brother braved some vicious scratches to grab him, Cheese has now been repatriated and Susan is now consolable after briefly entering the twilight inconsolable zone (that sometimes happens to females where whatever you say causes louder sobs. Man is rendered powerless when this happens. Girls will know what I'm talking about. Anyway having Cheese back has made me feel better. Speaking of being outnumbered by females, I was visited today by my oldest university mate (in that she was the person I met first) Vicky Denning (+her 19 month old daughter Jemima) and Fi (sister of my great friend Rick Sanderson)(+her 15 month old daughter Honeybea), they may have taken over my sitting-room by spreading baby toys all over the floor but I wouldn't have it any other way! It's being able to do this that is one of the reasons for being alive and the uplifting news doesn't end there, the phone went the other day and it was Carlie(more thorough readers of this may remember her as the tetraplegic girl I befriended in Putney Hospital) she was calling to tell me she had just got engaged to one of the hospital workers - this is amazing news, I'm so chuffed for her- I know better but I almost feel there's such a thing as Karma! The final bit of good news is that my friend Suze has agreed to be my new tenant. She will bring some much-needed smiles to this house.

The only downer is it's the same old me but maybe that's my destiny (not that I believe that b*llocks) to be this unmoving constant.

To try and inject some entertainment into my sad and lonely life I recently discovered some local comedy shows on monday nights, the first of which was a couple of weeks back when my mate Sacha took me down to Kingston to some dodgy pub called 'The fighting cocks' to see one of my favourite comedians, Stephen k Amos

basically trialling his new material for his Edinburgh festival show. Plus one of my favourite things happened, two of the guest's happened to be comedians I'd seen on TV but had no idea were on, Mock the week regular Andy Parsons

and Mock the week occasional Holly Walsh. Andy Parsons is a political comedian and satirist eg 'if you mix yellow and blue how sh*t is your government' whereas Walsh is an observational story teller e.g on being shown a flat in Peckham, Walsh to estate agent 'this place is a sh*thole!' Estate agent 'Yes, but it could be your sh*thole' and then Amos himself was on last was clearly feeling the temperature of the place which was dangerously warm - 'I think he once referred to it as 'the bowels of hell' was forced to remove his dripping shirt and don a curtain. Despite the temperature and the fact Sacha and I had to sit outside the main room because my chair wouldn't fit through the door we had a laugh, For a Monday night that is 'Job Done' and Sacha, who is officially the busiest person in the world made me feel privileged she had granted me an audience! Last Monday this comedy outfit 'out of the box' was at the Hampton Playhouse and Mike and Gaelle had offered to take me. People who make time for me change my life, otherwise I'd be stuck at home. Again Andy Parsons was on and he was enjoyable but I think we were there for Milton Jones eg Grandfather to young MJ, pointing at a large chocolate cake 'No-ones looking' MJ- 'So I punched granny in the face' or 'Mum once accidentally iced a cake with Tamazepam, that was a quiet Christmas'

His timing is brilliant, such a good surreal one line comedian. And finally, I got sent this (look for Newport State of Mind, sadly the original has been taken down for copyright infringement, BUT IT IS HILARIOUS and I read this statement on facebook the other day 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, if it were not for parody' ...How wrong can that be? What a pretentious and b*llocks thing to say If it makes you laugh, that'll do nicely (with the proviso no-one gets upset)

Finally, I have been saved from myself this weekend because old college friends Nic and Sally Walmsley emailed me yesterday after seeing I was free on Saturday night and offered to take me out for dinner. How Kind! And, I now look forward to Mondays because I have arranged my Yoga class for the afternoon and Sam (my instructor) is lovely. This is how I muddle through.

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