20 Aug 2010

Post 230: Some gigs again: Kasabian

I've seen some impressive live shows in my time (particularly in the last couple of years) and I was blown away by Kasabian's performance at the Brixton Academy last night. I came away thinking they were the ultimate live band. Once I'd calmed down a bit, I just thought they were exceptional.
In the last few years Kasabian are probably the band that have written some of my favourite tunes, from 'LSF' and 'clubfoot' to what are in my opinion two of the finest live tracks ever, 'where did all the love go?' and 'fire'. Also, Tom, the lead singer is mesmerizing. I don't think I have ever seen a crowd go as mental. Proper pandemodium. One thing I don't understand is the crowd Kasabian attract. It is almost exclusively men. I would estimate there were probably 100 (maybe more) blokes to every girl. A real sausage factory. At times the place felt like (what I can only imagine) a football terrace feels like with the home team scoring goal after goal. This was why I was so glad to have been taken by my mate Oli. He is a veteran of going to these kind of gigs and he helped me feel at ease in what at times felt like an oppressive atmosphere. The academy is awesome but being in a wheelchair it is sometimes better being in a larger venue where you feel you can escape. It did feel unbearably hot at times last night, but it felt like a special gig, different in every respect to the two prom concerts at the Albert Hall I'm planning to go to this weekend. I really don't think it's wrong to love both, I have so little I can truly appreciate these days that I appreciate everything I can and I stand by my stance on internet dating. I have only written to a couple of potential dates this week and guess what? Silence.


Filth & Splendour said...

you're too kind old bean, you're the one making me feel at ease. I had a great time once again, it's always a pleasure to take it all in and swop notes the whole way home. Thanks for letting me crash too, the run to the train this morning was a bit too much like hard work, but it all worked out.

Dom P said...

mate, you're a trooper for doing it in the first place

Simon said...

I don't mean to be picky, but how does this work: "I stand by my stance on internet dating. I have only written to a couple of potential dates this week and guess what? Silence." Surely by writing to 2 you haven't stood by your stance?

I'll be in touch this weekend to arrange a time to come over and see you :)

Also, i can imagine Kasabian being awesome live.



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