21 Aug 2010

Post 231: Keeping busy

Further to my post about going to see Kasabian, I'm quite proud of the variety of stuff that I go to – admittedly I would go to almost anything although I draw the line at Simply Red, Phil f*cking Collins or bloody Cliff Richard and I probably wouldn't go and see Oasis because I think the Gallagher brothers are a pathetic excuse for humanity, but Barry Manilow, I might go and see, just out of curiosity. When I look at my upcoming events diary I'll pretty much go and see anything (if I can get tickets) within an hour of London, I seriously can't think of anything else I could do, I'm open to suggestions, seriously. I write when I've got something to write about. This isn't one of those occasions so I'm just going where the mood takes me and try to justify my existence which is quite hard to do, this topic crops up repeatedly, mainly because I haven't got any messages from people I need to reply too. Funnily enough, people stop asking the opinion of a sarcastic b*stard after a while even though (if I say so myself) I give f*cking good advice, you may well have to wade through some pisstaking to get there but it's there. I suppose this is the problem when you can only type so fast when feeling half asleep – the bullsh*t level increases as does my overall level of curmudgeonliness and this from a guy who's more or less decided that the only thing he can do with his life is write, oh dear, in what capacity? I am devoid of inspiration. All of these concerts and shows are ample stimulus for a blog but for a book? What the f*ck am I going to write about? Oh well, I've got two prom concerts this weekend which I suspect will be slightly less Mental than Kasabian on Thursday but it's nice to take my parents out (tonight) and Mike and Gaelle (and Gaelles sweet little ten year old Lucie) tomorrow. Seeing other people enjoy these things is worth all the tiredness this brain insult can throw at me.

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