22 Aug 2010

Post 232: Taking nothing for granted

Going to the proms is regal, love or hate the Albert Hall, it just feels like a special place, I'd even go so far as to call it a 'wonder of the world' sure, it may not be as dramatically situated as the Sydney Opera House but at least the Albert Hall isn't in bloody Australia.
It is also one of the few pleasures I have left in life to take people to something they could do, but just wouldn't get around to doing. So last night I took my LSPs (long suffering parents). It makes it 100 times better taking people who enjoy it and my parents love the Proms. LSPs is actually an acronym my dad coined in a recent email he sent to me explaining how much him and Mum have had to put in (in money and hours) to keep me going since my stroke and their may have been times when I have let my stroke-affected self take them for granted. This is not me at all, I know better than to take anything or anyone for granted these days – my entire existence now is using whatever I have to let people know how important they are to me. On reading this if you feel taken for granted please let me know! I try harder than I ever have even if my outward persona says otherwise. F*cking brain injury!


Steve said...

Oi, being in Australia isn't so bad, though I'd be back in a shot if I won the lottery...;)

Dom P said...

lol! I can't resist having a dig at the Aussies, I would have put you as the last person to defend the Aussies (actually Shaun would be less likely)



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