23 Aug 2010

Post 233: Taking Friends to the Proms

In the last post I talked about how regal the Proms are and last night I got to do one of the things that makes my continued struggle better, I got to treat three people to going to the Albert Hall and I'm pretty sure they loved it. I have known Michael and Gaelle for a good few years and always used to run into them clubbing. I have got to know them better since my stroke because they live down the road and have driven me to a few things. Gaelle has also got a sweet little ten year old daughter called Lucie. For being such kind friends, I mentioned taking him and Gaelle to the proms, and they said they'd be up for it and could Lucie come? Well, I already had three tickets and the evening was officially sold out, but the Albert Hall seems to be the only venue where saying you're a wheelchair user means they can somehow magic a companion seat out of thin air, which meant that Lucie got to go. Her reaction to the hall and her saying she enjoyed it was worth all of our tickets.
It was also a very accessible program, starting with a lovely piece of Mozart, followed by a very dramatic Piano Concerto by Bartok, then a Choral piece by Bartok finished by a triumphant symphony by Haydn. I think it is pretty clear that I haven't got a clue when it comes to classical music but I think it's fair to say we all enjoyed it, there was barely a discordant note! It was very different from the very Germanic Prom I had been too with my parents the night before, where despite Wagner and Beethoven having been the soundtrack to National Socialism. This is not a good enough reason not to like them!

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