8 Sep 2010

Post 237: Come Dine with Me makes me boil over

I have long been offended by crass stupidity but it is an emotive topic. It seems that I am not allowed to make fun of the lions share of f*ckwits because I have had a privileged education, and it's not fair to take the piss because they can't help it. Ah, but when I went to Uni there were plenty of state educated people, who were sometimes a darn sight smarter than posh twats like me, which leads me to conclude of the people who were state educated, intelligence is distributed in the same way. Therefore someone like Prince Harry is fair game. To go to Eton and get one A-level pass in art, and even then have rumours that he only got this because a teacher did his coursework is some achievement, he is a classic example of the wheel is turning but the Hamster died a long time ago. What started me off on this topic was I was unlucky enough to catch some (thankfully not all) of the 'Come Dine with Me''Big Brother winner 'special', special as in 'special needs'.. I was actually offended by the stupidity and manners of some of these clowns – there were times when rather than just switching the telly off, I wanted to throw the remote control at the TV. Normally, I'm a fairly calm Sanguine person (honestly)but suddenly I felt as angry as Frankie Boyle and felt the same sort of animosity towards Brian Belo and Sophie Reade as I feel towards the guy in the Go Compare adverts, the advertising people who came up with him have got a lot to answer for! What really gets me is that that level of annoyance is probably what they were going for and they will count him a success. Did anyone choose to live in a world like this? No, I don't think we did?!
This is why I broadly agree with Bill Hicks sentiments on advertising (although my stance is less extreme than wanting all advertising and marketing people to kill themselves. I think that's a bit harsh, I know a few people in advertising and marketing who are perfectly nice but I can see why Hicks could get so angry. It happened to me when Sophie Reade asked if potatoes grow on trees and the way that Brian tries to pull Sophie despite what she says, in the past I might have been guilty of going with looks first, everyone does, but it's what a person says and does that makes a person attractive, no amount of breast implants and re-capped teeth hide the fact that Sophie Reade is to humanity what Jade Goody was to Mensa, and the same goes to Brian for liking Sophie. As far as I'm concerned those two f*ckwits deserve each other. I haven't finished there. A further disgrace to the Human Race is Nadia – who trades bad manners with Brian. I think I was in shock, maybe in the past, I've been guilty of interupting people but Nadia and Brian were in a different league! For me to be up in arms about this speaks volumes. What depresses me is that these people even get any airtime, it's a wonder Brian and Sophie even know how to breathe. It is a damning indictment on this country that the Big Brother watching public voted for these clowns. Bill Hicks would be terrifyingly angry if he were alive today. I know they say don't make fun of those less fortunate than yourselves, well as one of the lesser fortunate people in this world, I think these people are fair game, ok so this post has been a bit angry, I expect things to improve after seeing Muse at Wembley on Friday and the Last Night of the Proms on Saturday – I'm glad I go to these things, otherwise I'd go (more) insane.


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