11 Sep 2010

post 238:Taking the rough with the Epic

I'm on a bit of a roll in terms of catching TV that makes me livid, the latest travesty exposing some of the most depressing stories in Britain was in 'Baby beauty queens' on BBC3 about how an 8 year old girl from Peterborough is obsessed with wearing make-up, fake tan and being a model – what made me really angry was that her idol is Jordan. FFS, what is this country coming too? I've told myself that writing about stuff like this is a bit negative but there is absolutely nothing remotely positive that can be said about this. Her mother claims not to encourage her but then in the next shot is filmed saying she won't leave the house without her make-up. I despair. People like her are beyond the pale. It's hard for me to file her under any other heading than 'Silly Cow', the same goes for some Guardian reading mother who took her kids out of school for a year so she could take her family to a remote part of the planet and live with tribal people untouched by the modern world. The kids almost get killed when the vehicle they were in rolled en route to see the Dalai Lama , a dangerous detour she had insisted on because there was a slender chance of meeting him in person and it was worth the risk because the Dalai Lama was her hero. Silly cow, worth risking your childrens and your lives to see some bald speccy twat!
Silly Cow!And the fact she was called Raffia, I'll bet she's a smug, worthy, organic only holistic guardian-reading nightmare of a person! I hope I have something to praise bloody soon, I'm sure you're getting fed up with the frustration and anger in this at the moment. All we need is snow, and I'll probably burst into flames!
Todays non-sequitur is to say thanks to two different lots of people for coming to see me. The first was a lad called James Neill, a bloke who I hadn't seen since college, aside from marrying his long term girlfriend and having twins, he was out in Northern Ireland with the Coldstream guards. Some folk may have described me as brave for the way I've handled this stroke, it's nothing compared to the bravery of people who put themselves in harms way. I just wish they were doing it for a country that doesn't contain the sort of morons they give airtime to nowadays. Muse tonight better restore my faith in the wonder of the world, and finally, mega thanks go to my three former colleagues Dave, Ed and Will for coming to see me on Thursday evening – it was textbook, they brought beer and good cheer, another reason to be alive!
I've now seen Muse and have to report they were incredible. I love these big set pieces and the new Wembley is as big as they get.I went with my mate Champ who first cottoned me onto Muse (post131) and the two girls who saved my bacon last time when Champ discovered at the last minute he couldn't come. Suze (left) is now my housemate and Sarah is a friend of Suze. They're both fantastic, I am bloody lucky to have them as friends. As usual, Champ was late, so he suggested we meet him at Wembley, which we just managed after negotiating appaling traffic to get there. Sadly we missed the support, that for once looked ok, with Lily Allen on from 7:30 to 8:30, but our journey from Oxshott took 2.5 hours with Suze showing the sort of roadrage that my dad would have been proud of and the sort of language that might have even made Gordon Ramsey weep. It was funny. Apparently it didn't matter we missed Lily Allen. Champ declared her to be 'sh*t' in his usual deadpan way, 'like a little canary, warbling away. The girls had pitch tickets so we sadly didn't see them till the end but they loved it, they had managed to get right to the front because at Muse concerts there isn't any of the moshing or fighting you get at a Green Day or Kasabian gig. From our vantage point the view was something else and the sound was great, Champ would often utter a 'brilliant' or 'incredible' which makes a huge amount of difference.
For once I could actually name most of the songs, if Coldplay sing hymns and Kasabian do chants, Muse do soaring anthems
It was the most amazing evening which the insane Wembley traffic couldn't spoil despite it's best efforts.

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