12 Sep 2010

Post 239: The last night of the Proms

Of late, there haven't been too many things that have made me proud to be British or indeed be human, you've probably noticed from the odd outburst on here! – I try and do things with my life that make it worth living and to be honest it's not easy when you've been dealt my hand but this weekend I went to a couple of things that helped. They're not the solution but they help me not think ghastly thoughts, at least temporarily, so before I return to thinking everything's a bit sh*t, I'll try and recall that Muse at Wembley was pretty cool on Friday (see last post) and that the last night of the Proms last night lifted my despair about some of the folk in this country. I've only seen the last night on TV or in photos. I'm not much of a flag waver, you can probably tell, so for me it was about the music and atmosphere, my first thought was that any live music creates something amazing in a crowd of people, even classical music – this is the reason I go to concerts and got involved with music in the past. I'm no afficionado. I don't appreciate it in some esoteric, spiritual or pretentious way, it's either good or bad with me – oh, and hip hop's sh*t. I like the Proms because of the Albert Hall, the atmosphere the place creates, and the talent of everyone involved in creating and staging the music, and the last night was as much about the spectacle as the music. I've never really appreciated the skill of conducters but whoever the bloke was last night was amazing. So creative and expressive. Even though he's not actually playing an instrument it was if his baton was plucking sounds from the orchestra. I could see him clearly too because I was in my favourite seats, on the wheelchair platform to the side of the stage. I've been to a lot of good things in the Albert Hall, from the comedy of Russell Brand to the genius of Ennio Moriccone but this was special. I'm not a massive fan of all the patriotic crap but I loved the Tchaikovsky in the first half and the Puccini sung by American Soprano Renae Fleming in the 2nd Half. You would have thought I'd taken one of my parents to this but instead I took a mate of mine from college, James Renshaw, I just figured that I take my parents to loads of things, I'd rather go with a friend – I'm not a child – even if I sometimes feel like one. Good old James loved it and despite us having taken steps to get there in loads of time, we got in with seconds to spare. Maybe it was where we were sitting but there seemed to be a lot of old ladies there and there seemed to be a strong smell of Lavender and mothballs, it will be hard to disassociate the last night from this in future. The Proms is unique, I love it. It is something that broadens my horizons and that will fill my diary every year – it is the post stroke discovery I cherish the most.


Tony said...

I agree with you Dom - music lets you vist other worlds - worlds of your own invention that make you feel good about yourself. The ability to do so can diminish as you get older. I think that is why the world was so exciting when we were children. So we have got to keep in contact with this world of creativity and imagination. Liz

Dom P said...

I do desperately try to fill my diary with things that drive creativity and my imagination but it's not always easy

Dom P said...

I do desperately try to fill my diary with things that drive creativity and my imagination but it's not always easy

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