15 Sep 2010

Post 240: Magic!

Since the time I was at college years ago I have been good friends with some guys called the Dugdales, primarily through Will Dugdale who was in my college and I played university golf with him. Will has been a bit of a legend and taken me out a few times and raised money for the trust by running in a triathlon for me. I've also been keeping in touch with the Dugdale family as Wills dad, Ivor fights a brain tumour at the moment – all I can say is that he's a brave man and the way the Dugdale family have supported Ive is an example to us all. Hang in there Ive and family, I know it's sh*t at the moment but if anyone can get there, you can. Through Will, I was introduced to his brother Chris who is one of the best close-up magicians in the world and as a family, the Pardey's and a group went to go and see his live show at the Riverside studios in Hammersmith yesterday, along with my housekeeper Susan who had been so impressed by his youtube trailer. I have been lucky, Chris has mesmerised guests at my last two birthdays and the last time a good friend of mine's mum was so impressed she booked him for her birthday party in December. At least some of his goodwill has been returned. What was funny last night was I completely randomly ran into my old friend Tanya who had come to Chris' show because it was 'something different'. She declared in the interval that some of the tricks and mindreading were 'just like Derren Brown.'Yeah', I thought 'without the smug creepiness' for Chris is a brilliant performer, he is engaging, energetic, lighthearted and funny. The show is brilliant and doesn't take itself too seriously. Chris does some ridiculously amazing slight of hand, seemingly able to make a signed card (signed right there by a member of audience) appear at will from a deck of cards, jump into pockets – his mouth, a sealed box but my personal favourite trick was that having taken three separate rings off three totally random members of the audience, he made them interlock and the guy whose hand he made it happen in was so dumbfounded he simply said 'you wanker'. Brilliant entertainment! He then preceded to read half a dozen peoples minds of the number or word they were thinking of. Suggestion is clearly a powerful thing but wow! I was amazed, as was everyone there. Forget Derren Brown, Chris is a million times better and a bloody good bloke to boot. Go and see his show at the Hammersmith Riverside Studios now and be amazed! It was something completely different for me, next week I'm back on the comedy trail, seeing national treasure Stephen Fry at the Albert Hall on Monday, Russell Peters, a Canadian comic who apparently once outsold the Rolling Stones at the Dome on Thursday, and Dara O'Brian at the Apollo on Saturday, if that little lot doesn't cheer me up I'm a write-off! I need to inject something light after watching one of the grittiest and greatest films of all-time, Scarface yesterday. Oh my god, it is intense. Al Pacino is amazing, portraying the descent into madness of Tony Montana, a cuban refugee who becomes Miami's cocaine overlord. He is a proper Psychopath, drinking, snorting and killing his way through a rollercoaster ride that sees him hitting the top of what wealth can bring and the bottom of organised crime and drug addiction. I know it's just a film but it truly made me understand how valuable life is, and the stress that must come from always worrying you're going to die. It's a bloody long film but watching it in one go is advisable and I have my trainer Jose to thank for suggesting it. In America, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women – I hope that's confined to America.
As a final non-sequitur, the kittens (Ham and Cheese) continue to grow up but they are adorable.

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