24 Sep 2010

Post 242: Forcing some laughter

Not much more to write about today other than seeing the fascinating Stephen Fry at the Albert Hall on Mondayand the brilliant Russell Peters at the Dome last night (Thursday).
Fry is a national institution because he's one of those guys who's had an amazing life and whenever he opens his mouth people listen. I think Alan Davies said it best on QI:
'do you ever get the feeling you need a bigger weapon?',
of course he's talking about brain size because every QI when Alan thinks he's got the better of Fry, Alan (obviously a clever man) gets a metaphorical intellectual bitchslap. I love QI, it has taken up a disproportionate number of my convalescence hours. His live show felt like him talking off the cuff to the crowd (a sold-out Albert Hall) about his life and I thought there can't be too many people who could fill such a venue just to talk about themselves but he is such a likeable, compelling human who is quite happy to talk about his weaknesses and failures as about his fascinating life. He's a wonderful example of the human condition, he is a manic deppresive because he is dissatisfied with his physical self, it is plain that because of the Athletic nature of his mind, he thinks he should have the body of an Adonis but he laments looking in a mirror, something I think I can relate to a bit.How we sometimes think in the very short-term and we are selfish because we all get addicted to what feels good. Well, that was the sense of him I got from some of his anecdotes. There's also a snobbishness and pomposity about him that people seem to revere, which I'm not sure I fully understand but hey ho, these things are part of life's rich tapestry. I'm a bit lost at the moment, I'm not sure where life is going for me summed up by an email I wrote to another wheelchair user the other day called Max who I met at the Last Night of the Proms. He describes himself as a 'disability champion' His story fascinates me. He is a thoroughly nice man to put up with the barrel-load of questions I have been firing at him. Here's what I wrote:

'Thanks again Max. I will check out that site [for those curious he's recommended me a manual wheelchair]. The reason I'm asking all these bloody questions is because where you are at now is probably a stage I'd like to get too. My goals in life are pretty unclear, I'm pretty convinced that functional walking or working are not going to happen so my #1 goal is finding someone, getting rid of this fatigue is a close second, feeling like this for the rest of my life is not an option, otherwise the Dignitas clinic beckons! I'm pretty sure I can only do some creative writing so I'm gonna try whatever creative writing course I can manage. Other than that I eat healthily, do 6 physio sessions a week, and try and stay in touch with my friends and try and do an event (concert/gig) a week. Past that I haven't got a clue - what are your aims?
Sorry to ask so much. I hope you don't mind. This is all part of that 'feeling lost' thing.

When I wrote that I told myself I wouldn't reproduce it but it sums up things so well. My primary goal in life must be about finding love, again I turn to the brain of Stephen Fry -where in this video he talks about how he as a being is 'filled with love, whose only purpose in life is to achieve love and who feels love for so much of the world' – around the 3 minute mark, is really want I want to say, plus, his rant about how the catholic church is not a force for good is quite brilliant.
I have my friend the wonderful Amber
to thank for inspiring me to go to this event because she is such a passionate Stephen Fry fan, originally the plan had been for her to come with me but as a fellow stroke survivor, she was not well enough on the day to make it, the poor girl, even though her recovery is amazing she is still plagued by the occasional seizure. Her place was taken by Bec, my trainer Jose's girlfriend. Jose was always going to do the driving, I was just glad that I was able to share such a great event with someone in the end and the ticket didn't go to waste. I hope Amber is better though. It doesn't end there though because last night (Thursday) I went to the Dome to go and see Canadian Indian comedian Russell Peters

with an old friend from work, Will Stewart, Will, as well as always being a good man to laugh and joke with has always been a good campadre to chew the fat about whether you're doing the right thing with your life, given my frame of mind, my kind of mate.
Will is a buyer at John Lewis and consequently has to deal with suppliers all over the world so loves Russell Peters, a comedian capable of imitating any national stereotype, and then taking the piss something rotten, he gets away with it because he himself is a minority in the same way Chris Rock uses the 'n' word, I have been hauled over the coals a few times for 'lazy, predictable stereotypes' and was even told that 'I did Richard Littlejohn and Jeremy Clarkson very very well'. Well f*ck me!

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