27 Sep 2010

Post 243: Busyness vs tiredness : A b*stard of a trade off

It's clearly a busy time of year for Concerts/Gigs etc because my diary is pretty busy and going to all these things gives me some quality of life but when you feel this exhausted all the time I'm finding it hard to drag my sorry self out of bed but I tell myself I have to do it.. On top of going to see Stephen Fry and Russell Peters (see last post), I went to see Dara O'Briaan at the Hammersmith Apollo with local mate and fellow red wine appreciator Rachel, and last night (Sunday) female Iranian Comedian Shappi Khorsandi at the Epsom playhouse with old friend Paul,
who we used to know as Tidy Paul because he somewhat unforgivably used to work for the Tidy Record Label! Aside from this blemish he's a good lad and a big fan of Miss Khorsandi. I am now too, because it turned out rather well, she was very chatty, very funny and quite interesting – it helps that Shappi is also rather cute which Dara O'Briian certainly isn't but he is a very funny man and I was laughing my arse off. It was also rather good to have met a couple of other disabled people, Frank, a man who is doing bloody well and had opted to leave his wheelchair behind because he's recently got back on his feet after a brain tumour had robbed him of his mobility earlier in the year, and Linda who was able to give some good advice on places to go to follow my love of live events. So even though I was bloody knackered after last night these things keep me going(ish) but equally as special, I was taken out for Sunday Roast at the Bear by my old friend Penny and her charming husband Barry who I'd run into a few weeks ago at Mernies wedding. When we knew each other years ago Penny and I were always bemoaning the respective dramas in each others relationship. It's nice that at least her hiccoughs resolved themselves and she got to marry 'the one' – anyway, changing the subject, it's hard to better Sunday Roast at the Bear!
In other news I've found a new counsellor who was recommended by the Old boss and neuropsychologist of the unit I used to be in when I was in hospital and hopefully getting my personal trainer to learn how to walk with me will kick-start my walking practice that was practically reducing me to tears. Any suggestions for ways to improve my sh*tty life are gratefully received! Getting out is one thing but it's not the solution. Finding someone to love and care about is my aim – I don't think I'm wrong about this!

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