1 Oct 2010

post 244: Support for an antihero

There are probably more reasons to dislike Russell Brand than to like him but I am doggedly determined to like anyone who the daily mail dislikes and I have to hand it to the man, he may have taken a roundabout route to happiness doing some 'morally questionable' things (at least that's what my mother thinkd)(which makes me like him even more!) I'm not saying it's great being a junkie but having a string of threesomes with beautiful women might be a laugh and I do find him quite funny. It might make him seem 'like the human embodiment of Hepatitis' according to Aussie comic Brendon Burns but Brand is marrying American singer Katie Perry – I think Brand is having the last laugh. He was certainly on form for the sold out launch of the 2nd instalment of his autobiography 'booky wook 2' at the Hackney Empire last night and I think I can safely say it was one of the funniest nights I've been to in ages. Particularly in the 2nd half when Jonathan Ross interviewed him on stage. They're clearly good mates and just sat on the stage and chatted, swearing like sailors, after Stephen Fry last week had said Peter Cook was the funniest man he'd ever worked with I instantly thought the unscripted banter of Ross and Brand was a decent rivalry to anything Pete and Dud had managed. I am aware this is a big call!
I have good mate and now superstar international DJ Tim Davison for doing the driving and even though he had to courier the keys to my van back this morning he hasn't let that overshadow last night. This has been another busy week, as on Monday, I went to a sold out Brixton Academy to see the brilliant Placebo. I actually took this video I had last seen them in December 2009 (post 171) at the Dome – they had been good then but not brilliant, this time the comparative intimacy of the Brixton Academy made the difference summed up by my friend and housemate Suze (who drove me) saying 'I love this place'.
In other news I think I have found a counsellor. Recommended to me by the consultant neuropsychologist in charge of the unit I was on at Putney hospital, I've got a good feeling about her. She's got big shoes to fill because I loved talking to Vicki but since she got a job it is entirely understandable that her 'pro bono' sessions couldn't continue. She is an angel and helped me so much. Trying to feel happier is utterly crucial in 2011. It is time for me to start thinking about the Christmas Drinks again. OMFG ALREADY!
Aside from this I stay in touch with my new friend Max who has been giving me some useful advice about travel in a wheelchair. I met him at the last night of the proms (Right with carer Justine)And someone the other day said they liked pictures of the cats!
I find it ironic I have to depend on so many people.

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