2 Nov 2010

Post 251: No time for pity

Back in May I got some rather touching testimonials (post 210) that really buoyed my spirits and made me feel that I had made a difference. One of them from a former colleague (Carole Lee, former director of buying for John Lewis' biggest business) A Legend of a lady had very kindly said that I was dealing with this 'with an admirable lack of self pity'. I can't lie, but the pity is creeping up on me. I know the only way I'll conquer this is by never giving in, but it's hard when you used to have an OK life to go back to square one. It's horrible being this high maintenance person when you used to rely on yourself. I used to think it was the measure of a man how well he looked after himself and his friends, Now as comedian Hal Cruttenden says ' If anyone needs looking after, surely it's men'.
I discovered quite how screwed I was on my own on Monday morning when for whatever reason Susan couldn't be here. She had given me plenty of notice but my half-arsed attempts to sort someone out had yielded nothing. This meant no shower and no food – disaster!
Luckily after staring at the ceiling for three hours, the front doorbell rang. It was an old mate called Paul Reeves, his lovely wife Iwona and their one year son, Alek. They completely salvaged me, getting me through my morning routine and making me breakfast. I never thought I'd say this, but the world needs more people like Paul Reeves. It taught me a valuable thing. I badly need someone, it was such a relief to have Susan back but she won't be here forever.
On a lighter note, I have seen friends this last week. Firstly on Thursday
my mate Matt (a former Uni housemate), who's now incredibly a Tory MP
took me and his wife Martha to see the stage version of classic 70s/80s BBC
satirical sitcom 'Yes, Prime Minister' at the Gielgud theatre on
Shaftesbury avenue. The transfer of formats is OK but it is let down
by the fact that the PM, Jim Hacker will always be Paul Eddington,
likewise, the rest of the cast, characterisation is ingrained and the
chap who plays Bernhard (Hackers PPS) is just not Bernhard! But it was
still enjoyable fodder and the classic moment of the evening was when
this line was uttered [while talking about what a political graveyard
Culture, Media and Sport is] 'What do they have in common?''Nobody
cares about them!' Who was the first person Matt bumped into at the
interval? The Minister for culture, media and sport. Ouch, that's
gotta hurt! On Friday it was planned to be a Brixton Academy night
seeing the Manic Street Preachers with Simon and Yvonne Dawes (Simon
is an old workmate) but the lead singer had Laryngitis so the gig has
been postponed till January. They kindly agreed to drive me to Karen
and Tobys engagement party in Wandsworth instead. Karen is a great
friend of mine from Oxford and has the dubious pleasure of having been
my first university romance. We have stayed friends and in Toby she has
met a devastatingly handsome and charming husband to be. I always knew
she'd do better!I also got to see loads of my uni friends. Even though seeing people this way is so very hard now, it is practically my favourite thing to do I saw my old housemate Vicky and her husband, the hilarious PJ. Helen VJ,Becky and her husband Harry, Mel and charming and quite hot (apparently) canadian other half Lucas . Not to stop singing the praises of Karen and Toby, they took me on Saturday
night to the magnificent Carmina Burana at the Albert Hall (think old
spice advert music). It was majestic, easily the best classical
concert I have been too and we were in my favourite seats, and as a bonus they played Camille
Saint-Saens symphony No 3 which includes a very quiet bit just before
the Albert Hall organ comes in at full volume, the first time I heard
this piece (at a prom in July 2009 (Post 146) it jolted me awake, now it still
shocks me! Finally on Sunday night old college friend Gina and her top lad of a husband Oli took me to the Albert Hall again to see the music of James Bond presented by honor Blackman – quite brilliant and seven months pregnant Gina reported her baby was kicking a lot during the music, they better call him James! Tonight (Tuesday) I'm taking my parents to the Albert Hall to see 'The great Classics' by Dvorak, Beethoven and Mendelsohn, I can assure those who think I'm just 'entertaining myself, that this is the most important thing I can do with my life. So despite all that, at best a mixed week with the rehab being a torturous necessary evil but it can't be compromised even for Pity's sake.


Table said...

Great night Dom - thanks - (sorry about the front door.) And thanks for reminding me how much f***ing fun it is to swear - only when appropriate obviously.


Dom P said...

It was an absolute pleasure to swear with you although I swear too much!



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