11 Nov 2010

Post 253: ahh redheads

Another week where I continue the balancing act that is my life, ironic that my major problem is balance. I do try to complete my daily rehab schedule but sometimes don't manage it particularly as there's so much on at this time of year and my priority is no longer my friends apparently, no, it's my rehab. Trying to achieve any sort of life with little energy is hard to do but I try. Somehow, I've found the time to listen to comedian Michael Mcintyres autobiography in the last week and I'd commend it to anyone especially anarcho-syndicalists just to see their skin crawl at his middleclassness!
I don't think I'd be wrong in saying that he has managed to achieve everything through self confidence which is a shame because this is the commodity my stroke has robbed me of. A lot of people equate self-confidence with arrogance. This is wrong. Self confident people with nothing to be confident about are arrogant – it's funny how this almost always coincides with the person being a dick. The key to being self confident without being an arrogant dick is self-awareness,i.e knowing how confident you can be about a subject or a person around that person. Cor, this is getting a bit boring and philosophical.
The other thing it did was it made me feel ok about always having women on the mind and made me realise how much better my life could be. Trouble seems to be that any girl worth her salt wants a confident bloke not someone who used to be confident.
One thing I am confident about is I seem to have an unhealthy obsession for red hair because I seem to be drawn to Florence from Florence and the machine who I saw in May (post 206) and I went to see Paloma Faith on Monday and it's pure coincidence that my driver for the evening, Felicity, has red hair, she's funny though, after I pointed out Eliza Doolittle (the support act) was 'a cute little thing' she said 'maybe, but that skirt makes her look like a whore'. There's no good answer to that! Paloma Faith didn't look like a whore though. Her chats with the crowd proved to me she was easily as likeable as when I saw her on Never Mind the Buzzcocks
last year and Noel Fielding said after she sang a couple of lines from one of her songs 'Paloma, I think I'm a little bit in love with you', me too.This romance was broken by going to see Glaswegian funnyman Kevin Bridges at the Hammersmith Apollo last night (Wednesday). Luckily it was nothing like as packed as it had been on Monday but it was great – the unexpected treat being that the excellent Simon Evans was warming up for the young Glaswegian protege. Lets just say that mine and Olly's
(my uni mate Gina's husband) (post 251) jaws hurt by the end, Bridges is brilliant, Evans was superb! Mark my words. Two guys to Watch!
Not much of a life but an attempt.

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