14 Nov 2010

Post 254: I'm no Emo

You'd probably be forgiven for thinking I'm some sort of Emo based on the gigs I've been to this week. To tell you the truth I just buy tickets for whatever's on. Usually months in advance, ie whenever they announce it – sometimes I will have barely heard of the band, If someone volunteers to take me, we have a winner – I get to see the person who takes me, we almost always enjoy the gig and it gets me out of the house! I sometimes overstretch myself – for example next week, I have something every night, but I cope with it – because I bloody well ought to and I do my damnedest to do my rehab. This is life these days. So this week I went to see Linkin Park on Thursday at the Dome taken by old DJing buddy Jim. Jim is a bit of a musical encyclopaedia and informed me that the genre when they rapped/shouted over a rock bass and leadline was nu-metal, to me it just sounded like the Beastie Boys who are great. There's also something about the atmosphere and pandemonium live, loud music creates – it's chaos, in a controlled environment, and I'm still a young enough human to enjoy that, no matter how tired and constrained I feel.
For similar reasons I went to England v Australia at Twickenham yesterday or to be more accurate because my Dad
loves it, and because I'm disabled we get amazing seats! I still can't follow any of the play but I do it for Dad plus we stuck it to the Aussies which is a massive bonus, because they are sportingly the most arrogant nation on the planet. In the evening it was the first time I had done two events in one day since my stroke, I went to the Dome to see American indie rockers Paramore. I had bought the tickets months ago on the strength of hearing them live on Radio One. It was sold out and they were great. There was more teenage Angst at the Dome than in the latest Harry Potter movie. One teenage girl behind me kept screaming 'I love you Haley'. I must admit Hayley, the lead singer is rather cute but curmudgeon me couldn't see the point in this teenage girl screaming it again and again. I guess that's the essence of live music. I have my personal trainer Jose and his girlfriend Bec to thank for taking me and although the teenage Angst and oestrogen was sometimes a bit much we loved it, it's nice to see Jose when he's not flogging my guts out! And special thanks to them for stepping in at the last minute when my friend Rachel worked out she couldn't do it. She more than made up for it when her and her charming other half Mat took me and my housemate Suzanne for Sunday lunch at the Bear today – now if you don't mind, it's bedtime. Although I can't resist putting this picture of 'Cheese' up -not the most flattering angle but f*ck it, he's a cat


Mihaela said...

so much things you do in your week...I don't even do them :)
And your super-cute it Cheese?? He's horribly funny and sweet..I have one just like this, only eating, sleeping, meowing and harassing my other pet, my dog Lily :)
Nice to see someone having so much fun!

Dom P said...

I wish it felt as fun as it looks, but at least I try.



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