20 Nov 2010

Post 255: Busy

So, like I said last week, this week looked like being pretty full on! I have just about managed both my rehab and my evening 'keeping me sane' activities. I also discovered how important facebook is for staying in touch with people. On Friday lunchtime I updated my status to tell people about the improvement I have made in my walking time thus
'Just walked round the block in 12.12 down from 15.02, fuuuuuuuuuuuck ', I didn't really think too much of this at the time (because I was broken) but by lunchtime today it had generated 24 'likes' and about 30 pretty motivational comments. This is helpful. About six weeks ago I felt like a lost cause, now I am less lost and have caught a whiff of a bacon sandwich! I have been out 4/5 nights this week. Firstly, to see the Coral at the Albert Hall on Monday
with my cousin Nicky. A Singer herself, she was just the person to go with because the folky singer/songwriter warm ups were just her thing and the Coral's indie sound was ideal for both of our tastes. On Tuesday I went to the Dome to see Gorillaz, an electronic/audio-visual hip-hop side project of Blur frontman Damon Albarn. The guy clearly has a lot of Talent because as a general rule I despise hip hop unless it's quite melodic and manages to avoid the brash aggressiveness and posturing materialism I associate with the genre. Oli and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I came away thinking it was unlike anything I'd seen or heard before. It was a thoroughly cinematic musical experience with the Dome experience being second to none. Perfect sound and a huge screen showing the frankly strange visual accompaniment. Albarn is obviously not normal, so rather than get locked up in an asylum he has created Gorillaz. Before this it was my mums 71st birthday and she barely looks a day over 60. This was yet another excuse for us to decamp to the Bear for lunch en Masse -Susan (my housekeeper) and Suzanne (my housemate) as surrogate members of the family because of the care and support they give to me were both in evidence, it's the least we can do. On Thursday, it was comedy time, seeing Lee Mack at the Hammersmith Apollo for the 2nd time, the 4th time I've seen him in total. He's always brilliant live, with the kind of nervous energy I'd imagine someone with Tourettes to have. Coincidentally, he does a couple of genius routines on Tourettes that I'd be rolling in the aisles if I could! I have my old friend Tanya to thank for stepping in and taking me at the last minute after a cock-up over my lift. She made me promise not to use this photo of her but I think she looks alright, and finally last night I took my parents to the Albert Hall to a 'Classical Spectacular'. I owe my parents so much that the least I can do is find good things to take them to. It was right up their streets, basically a mini last night of the proms in winter with lasers , nice lighting and indoor fireworks, all the Pomp and Circumstance with plenty of union jack waving and some pretty special classical music including 'Nessun Dorma' sang by a brilliant tenor called Jesus. All this from my favourite seats.
Getting to go to these things with people who enjoy it makes the exhaustion worthwhile. In my scarce spare time I have been listening to the autobiography of Rolling Stones medical miracle Keith Richards. I say miracle because at a recent concert, Mick Jagger said 'it's nice to be here' without missing a beat Keef chimed in 'it's nice to be anywhere'. The man's longevity may defy logic but his life is interesting. His friend Johnny Depp, reads the audiobook and it's impossible not to see Jack Sparrow bumbling his way through life. What particularly resonated is the way he says he couldn't live without music, I'm no rolling stone but the same is true of me. To him it may have been Elvis and Little Richard, I can't be that specific. I'm off tonight to see the guys responsible for the best gig I ever went to as an able bodied person, Underworld. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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