19 Dec 2010

Post 261: Not loving or laughing about the snow

One of the things that worried me when I started this blog was that it might Peter out, when actually I want it to Peter up, reaching maximum Peter at some stage (a gag borrowed from the excellent Peep Show on Channel 4), I feared that I might have said too much a couple of posts ago. I have made no secret of my opinion that life would hugely improve if I found the right girl. I have had a lot of luck since my stroke to end up in my current situation. Living was a good start, and yadda yadda I find myself where I am today, and I do feel I might be due some more luck, but is this really all it's about? Like I've said before I have little respect for people who rely on luck (post 222) but we all need the occasional break, and I feel I haven't had one for a long time.
I've finally got incontrevertible evidence that snow in this country is truly awful, and people who say it's 'magical' can f*ck off. Yesterday because of the snow I couldn't get to a good friends wedding . How disappointed I or my parents felt is of little consequence. I felt for the bride and groom who must have been worried sick that the most important day of their lives was going to be ruined because the myriad people who care about them were not going to make it because of extraneous circumstances. Will and Liga are tougher than me though, so I hope it went ok.
So before the snow spoiled things this weekend and after it spoiled everything a couple of weeks ago (here), I actually managed a few things, first on Saturday 11th the 60th birthday of the mother of my longest (suffering) friend Dom Icely at the glittering Hurlingham Club. It is at the classy end of any scale on Ostentation, it is a pristine Chesterfield sofa compared to Wayne and Colleens Swarovski crystal encrusted white leather sofa, because nothing says class and comfort quite like Swarovski Crystals, c*nts. It was a fitting evening for a great lady – her 3 children did speeches about her that left us in no doubt what a great 60 years she has had and we all shared the happiness she must have felt.
The next day my brother took me to the Dome to see the cinematic musical version of the 1960s radio play, the war of the worlds, when Richard Burton had first narrated this on the Radio it had caused mass panic in this country because it had really sounded like the Martians were invading.
Now my brother's not much of a band/live comedy type of guy, but when I first saw this advertised, I instantly thought this might appeal, and I was right, although I underestimated it's popularity, the Dome looked pretty full!
Finally, showing my enthusiasm for seeing live genius, I saw Tim Minchin at the Dome on Tuesday. As he is in my opinion the best Pianist I've ever seen (better than my hero Bill Bailey even), I had bought the tickets with my great friend Vicky Denning in mind (herself a pianist and reader of music at Oxford) I had also invited her husband PJ but because of a mixup over babysitters PJ had to 'fall on his sword' and offered the ticket to mutual mate Jack. As their Christmas present I'd also got two tickets for my neighbours Ian and Tracey who kindly drove me there and back. They had alerted me to the talents of Minchin a couple of years ago. The evening was definitely a success although I will say musical comedy where you have to hear every word is perhaps not best suited to a venue that big. Sticking with Musical comedy, as I was snowed in, I watched Bill Bailey's latest DVD 'Dandelion Mind' yesterday and must say it's the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Laughter and Love are the only things that get me through this.

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