2 Dec 2010

A sh*te (white) week

So what could be front of mind this week? I'll save my annual rant about the snow or more accurately the f*cking snow till later on. What I want to talk about first is that on Monday ( before the snow fell, therefore before the country forgot it had prevailed in two world wars but throws in the towel as soon as a white slippery substance falls from the sky, surely proving German Military Tactics were all wrong!) my Mum took me to the John Lewis retired partners Christmas lunch at the Radisson Portman hotel just off Oxford Street. Now I can't say enough good things about John Lewis except it's a bit galling to comfortably be the youngest person there (possibly by 30 years), It is because of them that I had at least one job I loved and the pension they pay me but don't have to pay me gives me an income I can survive on and could probably support a dependant on. It is by no means a luxurious living and nor should it be but it unburdens my long suffering parents who already have to deal with enough and contrary to the preconceptions of some of my more left wing friends who won't be happy unless we all live in equal poverty. In fact I got so fed up with this 'equality at all costs' crap that I wrote this on facebook:
Dom Pardey Is fed up with the disingenuous romantic view of the working classes peddled by middle class champagne socialists as downtrodden, exploited masses when the real level of benefits works out that they've never had it so good. Your positive stereotyping is at least as damaging as any negative stereotyping about chav twats!Do quit your socialist bleating!

I try and steer clear of political overtures (despite a politics degree) because it's boring and people get so wound up about the subject when all they really want is to live in peace and harmony avoiding pain, boredom and poverty, occasionally feeling the love of friends and family, basically, unconstrained, so you can live your life to pursue general and personal happiness. This sounds a bit like it's come out of a textbook. Well it hasn't, it's just what I think. But is my thinking invalidated by my privileged education? I don't bloody think so. The Aussies have a useful phrase for this. Possibly the only useful phrase they've ever come out with: 'F*ck yous, and f*ck the lot of yous' it comes complete with a hand signal that ironically I can't do. Speaking of irreverence which you'd have to be mad to miss I'm a big fan of, I've just finished listening to Keith Richards
biography. The big surprise to me is how much of his life he can remember. Secondly, if Trainspotting and Russell Brand don't put you off being a Junkie, listening to this will, because It's obviously one of my ambitions. If I'm honest I prefer the bits read by Johnny Depp because Keiths gravely monotone about the umpteenth time he tries to clean up is a tad depressing, but one thing is clear. He is an incredible musical talent and I admire his irreverent attitude, same goes for Russell Brand and a lot of alternative comedians, talented people who don't bite the hand that feeds them and are not afraid to point out things that don't make sense. This philosophy may make people do and say the odd stupid thing but it makes life bearable unlike this f*cking snow which caused me to miss going to two gigs at the Dome in my favourite seats this week (30 seconds to Mars on Monday and Arcade Fire on Wednesday) despite the people who volunteered to take me (Jo on Monday and Froniga on Wednesday valiantly battling to get here), apparently according to my housekeeper (an American from near Denver) this would be 'nothing'.


Is said...

Dom, if you DIDN'T have your John Lewis pension but were living on benefits are you sure your attitude would be the same? Leaving aside the exceptional Daily Mail horror stories, most people on benefits would rather work, are on benefits through no fault of their own and believe me they struggle.

Simon said...

Alarmingly, his attitude probably would be the same.

Dom P said...

I have always taken steps to not rely on benefits but given, if the cuts bit I would be screaming blue murder,but I have my own problems. As a former economics student I see the cuts quite dispassionately, I confess I get a bit fed up with people who are 'outraged' by proxy

Dom P said...
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Dom P said...

People like Simon, are you anyone I know iS?

Is said...

hi there, no not really. Met you when you were a baby then found your blog by chance when I was looking for something else. Your stroke was about the same time as a friend of mine had one and I've just been interested in how you're getting on. Even if I don't always agree with you!

Anyway, hope the snow isn't too bad where you are

Dom P said...

I do tend to be a little provocative online, I think we all are. I always welcome debate. I hope your friend's ok and unaffected by the cuts, I am intrigued as to who you are now?!



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