9 Jan 2011

Post 264: Materialism: A sad fact of modern life

In the last week (a sad reflection of how little there is on at this time of year) I relistened to Cityboy, a book that when I had listened to it last time had caused me to write this
It is a vile story, that I found funny because there are a few situations and people I can directly relate to my time in the city despite the fact I was a paragon of virtue compared to the main character. It was a horrific time when materialism was everything, and I'm slightly ashamed to say that a bit of it wore off on me at the time, and although I hate materialism it is an objective measure and the way I feel has to be the starting point to any sales pitch of myself to people who don't know me. I am not a materialist, I am a realist, and not in the same way racists sometimes say they are realists. I recognise that there must be some materialism in the world but the proof to me that materialism is not the right way is that premiership footballers and hip hop stars are not the happiest people in the world. The path to happiness is through not being a f*ckwit. We've all done stupid things, I know I have, but that was always in the pursuit of fun and hilarity which is ok in my book, it's just when stupidity and the absence of common sense define behaviour when I start to lose the plot. I believe the same things now as I did before my stroke, it's just difficult for me to get over the physical barriers this stroke has left me with so I find myself falling back on the material things I have rather than trying to force myself to try and be my old self. I have tried to look the same and sound the same but my body won't let me do it, it's because somewhere deep down I believe that all this physio might actually do something and I might be able to walk, talk, look and feel normal again at some unknown point in the future, although I remain realistic. I may sound like a broken record but I am convinced that I will start to feel better on the day I meet the right girl who I want to share my material possessions with after a meeting of the minds. This is the only form of materialism I can possibly embrace.
At the other end of the scale, I was taken out for dinner last night by some of my dearest friends, Nick and Sally Walmsley to one of my favourite local fish restaurants, the Loch Fyne in Cobham. When I got slightly overexcited about this in an email, Nick shut me up by describing it thus: 'Steady on - it's just some fish surrounded by Daily Mail readers... ' He's right of course.
The other noteworthy news is that Steve and Naomi are back over from Melbourne for a month and they dropped in on me last week. A couple of years ago we had a great night out seeing comedian Stephen K Amos in Farnham back in March 2009 , next week we're going to try and better it by seeing the genial Mr Amos in Maidenhead with a big group. It should be fun – Materialism, f*ck it, it's for premiership footballers and hip hop stars. Both a bunch of idiots.

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gonzaleza0891 said...

Hang in there life is not as simple as lemons equating to lemonade, but more like concrete a mixture of sand and rocks and other sh*t to make a smooth pathway. It must be extremely difficult to go through a stroke. But it seems your friends Nick and Sally help you through tough times, but never forget life's simplest things like get excited about fish.



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