16 Jan 2011

Post 265: Information overload!

For once I've got too much on my mind to write about and it's terribly confusing. I've got roughly three topics:
1.New developments in my physical training regime and generally what I've been up to.
2.The phenomenom that is 'trying to be cool' and what a shower of sh*t that is
3.Inspired by seeing a program about the 'noughties', some thoughts I had.
Anyway, in the first instance, I have been getting a bit frustrated with my physical therapy program – in that I felt like I was doing a lot of hard work for no reward. I know I am in a fortunate position of living next door to my main trainer and having a personal trainer both paid for by the money friends have raised for me. With this in place you would have thought I would feel pretty optimistic about my prospects – sadly not. I never felt like anything was improving despite always turning up to my sessions and doing much more than the NHS were ever prepared to do. With this in mind I got in touch with an organisation called ARNI (action for rehabilitation of neurological illnesses) and Ian and I went down to see the guy who set it up, a rather remarkable guy called Tom Balchin, himself a stroke survivor who has through his own determination trained himself back to independence and set up this organisation that trains people in various techniques for rehabilitating stroke survivors. I would like to do a similar thing but as ever my problem is fatigue, I hate to go on about it, but I've never met anyone with fatigue like mine (ie it seems to visibly affect me), I haven't met a single other person it so obviously visibly affects. I am hoping this will be the missing link in helping put together a program which will help me feel like I'm doing specifically the right thing rather than generally the right thing. It was the most exhausting day, so much so, that by the end of the day I was so tired that I actually fell off my chair like a parrot falling off his perch! Jesus! Tom has recovered amazingly, the day was very useful because not only did it give him a chance to assess me and say some encouraging words I really felt Ian bought into it too. Ian has been a sports therapist for years and to me, it's vital that he finds this credible, new and useful. We are going to focus more on me independently balancing rather than faster assisted walking. I'm also going to focus more on strength work and taking more bodybuilding supplements.
On the Monday I saw my friend Simon. He is always good value and we have a laugh, on Thursday, I did what I do best these days, got a group together to go and see comedian Stephen K Amos at the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts just outside Maidenhead. I've been to see Amos several times now and he's always someone you can bank on. The evening was in honour of my friends Stevie and Naomi who have come over to the UK for January from their home in Melbourne -it's so good to see them again! Before they left I organised a similar outing to see Amos back in 2009. which was such a success that it is now the model night. Then he had had the same warm up man, a guy called Seann Walsh, who as warm up acts go is pretty tidy – an angry, lazy, observational comedian who says he needs to improve his health as he gets out of breath 'grating cheese'. Amos himself is sharp as a tack, too-ing and fro-ing with the audience with ease. I'm not too surprised he's got his own TV show now. So not a bad night really
Secondly,I was unfortunate enough to half watch a film the other night called 'he's just not that into you' which could be a porn film for blokes with little dicks but instead is a rom-com which should have come with the health warning 'WARNING, CONTAINS JENNIFER ANISTON'

Actually she's passable but what struck me about the film is how awfully all the guys behave. A lot of the premise is about how it's convention to 'play it cool' with someone you've just met ie pretend to not be interested. God this convention annoys me and creates so much unnecessary insecurity – it's fine if you genuinely don't like the other person but I just don't understand 'not being too keen' on someone you genuinely like, plus this film appears to be full of good looking, charming self assured types, you know, the kind of people you'd reverse over just to be sure. What I particularly hated about it was the almost assumed assured belief that the male characters could just get any girl and could then keep them interested by 'playing it cool' aka 'being nasty', maybe I am a bit rusty and slightly more insecure than I used to be but there's never a time and a place to be a 'nasty bastard'.
And finally 'phew' I saw a program about what living in the noughties meant. Very interesting – it was apparently the decade where we all refused to grow up and we tried to recapture our youth because the only time we were truly happy was when we were kids and weren't really capable of worrying about the future, this probably also explains a lot about why my unhappiness has been compounded. In a decade where I was trying to be all youthful my youth has been taken away from me. I was looking forward to my thirties, but now I might as well be in my nineties. I do try and recapture my youth but I can't seem to reachieve any of the feelings or independence of my 20s. Help!


Simon said...

"I can't seem to reachieve any of the feelings or independence of my 20s. Help!"

I haven't had a stroke Dom, and i feel the same.

Dom P said...

well, multiply it by a million

Max Moreno said...

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