13 Feb 2011

Post 269: A better end to the week despite Vday next week

Unlike last years post, this won't just be a diatribe about Valentines day likely being sh*t, although I have employed similar tactics to last year and hope the ladies in question feel special and admired when their flower(s) arrive(s), instead I'm going to talk about something different. It can't have escaped people that TV advertising is a disgrace, in fact it scares me that expenditure on car insurance, cash for gold, debt consolidation, injuries at work, and buying second hand cars seems to fund commercial television but my indignation was summed up the other day by Charlie Brooker (an angry man for sure) when he pointed out that the unrest and anger in Egypt might be related to the dreadfullness of the Tutankhamen themed Go Compare adverts which at the very least make me grope for the 'Off' button and seriously think of ways I could break my telly. I agree with Brooker – I'd love to see Go Compares man's head on a pike.
Because I've been feeling a bit war-like, I've been listening to some high brow literature, Tom Clancy's 'Red Storm Rising', It is riveting stuff – a neo-conservative wet dream probably because the US show 'Ivan' who really rules the world. I'm quite surprised Rumsfeld doesn't have some sort of cameo. Anyway, I thought I'd listen to it because I enjoyed the book on a holiday years ago back when I could take holidays and read books. Just before I left hospital I listened to 'The Bear and The Dragon' essentially the same book as 'Red Storm Rising' where China invades Russia and America saves the world instead of Russia invading Europe and the middle East and America saves the world, just the thing to put me in a romantic mood?!
Well,there have been a few things that have made the week ok. First and foremost was meeting a new friend Jatinder and introducing her to the ace food at the Bear on Saturday, she was very level headed and brave to come and meet a stranger like me, particularly one who writes a blog like this. Meeting people like her makes life worthwhile. Secondly is having Sunday lunch and sharing time with some my favourite people, the Lloyds (the Rev'nd Richard and Vicky) and the Dennings (PJ and Vicky). Both Vickys are~7months pregnant and doing great, I am honoured that they make the time for me and finally my mate Chris Dugdale (the magician) told me he is around to do my 34th next month – invites will go out tomorrow, I hope I haven't left it too late. All of this made up for the disappointment of missing the awesome 'White Lies' at Shepherds Bush Empire on Friday, where Oli and I turned up at the box office to collect my tickets, 'sorry we have no record of your booking'. I was mortified. Thanks to Oli for being cool, we drove home, had a couple of glasses of wine and watched the hilarious Kevin Bridges on DVD. Something of a save, despite Valentines day next week being a grim reminder of the lonliness I seem to be faced with.

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