20 Feb 2011

Post 270: A week saved by kindness and nice people

It's difficult to be too positive about this week because as things stand I definitely wasn't able to see Maroon 5 at Brixton Academy on Thursday and I don't have a lift yet to see Russell Howard at the Dome tonight although some last minute heroics(on Saturday) have saved that . At the time it felt like a terrible waste. It does mean that I'm no longer going to book things during the week unless I have a firm assurance beforehand that I'll have a driver which is difficult to do months in advance. People understandably have their own lives and problems but it feels like my life is getting less and less important to other people. Despite this planet killer of a thought, which you're probably wondering why I've even included (because this blog is supposed to include an accurate record of my feelings, as much as I am familiar with bullsh*t, I think you can handle the truth) I have consoled myself by being taken to see on Wednesday a dramatic monologue written and performed by one of the real finds of this whole ghastly experience, Daniel Kitson and the fact that Helen VJ and James dropped in on me for tea yesterday late afternoon and almost as a joke I said that I had one spare ticket for Russell Howard's sold out show 'would there be anyway we could work it'. I am still virtually speechless at how kind they were. James revealed he was probably a little over the limit from a lunch he'd been at so Helen (who'd never driven my van before or even on the M25 bravely offered to drive James and I to the Dome which James had never been to before, take the tube home, then drive her car down to my house at midnight to pick James up after he'd driven me back from the Dome. What a pair of heroes, this is quite possibly one of kindest things anyone has ever done, ever! James and I enjoyed Russell Howard too. Not my favourite comedian because anyone so relentlessly positive and happy is clearly out of touch with reality, although selling out the Dome at the age of 30 must make him feel brilliant! Daniel Kitson was so much better, he was the nuts and is one of the most Side splittingly funny stand up comedians and most compelling speakers I have ever seen. Jose (my personal trainer) and his girlfriend Bec had spotted Kitson was on at the Aldershot West End Centre where I am now 2 for 2 at getting Kitson for telling me off during the show for taking pictures both of which have come out brilliantly (if I say so myself) Although his self written monologue - 'The Interminable Suicide Of Gregory Church' lacks some of the biting irony and observation of his stand up the compelling nature of the story and Kitson's energetic fluent delivery more than makes up for it although my one comment to him is to leave it till the end that it's all made up, it makes the gasp factor more profound. I remember vividly going to a 'work in progress' show where for £2 a ticket he literally read it off his laptop back in July 2009 just because he wanted to gauge what people thought of it. He knew it was good, He wanted to get it just right! He's continually analysing and re-analysing his actions to make sure he is achieving the most utilitarian outcome. Something I try to do. I like to think I respond well to constructive criticism and deprecating banter but I will vociferously stand my corner if anyone calls me a c***.

Last but certainly not least I want to thank the lovely Viola for coming to see me yesterday, she moved to the area at about the same time as me and saw an old advert advertising a room on Gumtree. As someone relatively new to the area her goal of meeting new local friends is the same as mine, it's always good to meet new, nice people.

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