26 Feb 2011

Post 272: Making something out of nothing+Supplemental

So, it's Saturday and it feels right that I should probably get on with writing something but in the last week I've done my hours torture (physio) a day and not much else. The activity for the week has been trying to organise my 34th birthday on the 20th March and going to see a film last night with great mate Will, whose wedding I couldn't go to because of the bloody snow in December . Thankfully, despite some depletion of numbers the wedding went ahead and it sounded great - although I was slightly disappointed to hear that he hasn't knocked Liga up yet!
Anyway, the film we saw in Epsom last night, 'Paul', was enjoyable Hokum, but won't be troubling anyone's 'best ever' lists despite the fact that Paul (the Alien) is without question a 'dude'.It's people offering to take me to things like this that makes me think that life isn't so bad, although the real goal would be to find a girl to fall in love with who I'd feel I was living for, at the moment I'm not sure who I'm doing my torturous physio for. Fine, I'm doing most things for my friends and family (see last post) but there feels like a big gap, a yawning chasm, a metaphor of such enormous silliness that I can't even think of it! I'll change the subject before I start going on about how lonely this is blah blah.
So despite not much going on that I can say has contributed much to my general state of happiness I took some solace in some TV watching during my Saturday morning lie-in. While watching the heavily edited (for swearing) NME awards on T4 that happened at the Brixton Academy last night. Despite me wanting to punch Nick 'I've always got a backstage pass' Grimshaw for his unforgivable haircut and unbelievable 'you're all peasants' smugness, it was enlightening stuff, 'Hurts', a brilliant electropop duo who I got wind of a while ago and started raving about won best new band, Alexa Chung looked sexy and the Foo Fighters were awesome, Hurts and them are the two bands I most want to see. Today has also been punctuated by my college mate James Renshaw popping in for tea – we had a very interesting chat about the search for moral truth and our shared dislike for organised religion. Interesting stuff that needs frequent discussion and that I find myself thinking about a disturbing amount these days and I really don't think I'm idle. Numbers for my birthday lunch are at~50 (not including kids) plus I've got the arrival of my new wheelchair accessible van in April to look forward to. Given how important my current van has been, I anticipate this one (in which I can drive my wheelchair into the front passenger seat – will change my life, making it so much easier for anyone to take me out.

SUPPLEMENTAL - Once again I have failed to take a picture &*%$! but as it's Sunday, I just got taken out for lunch by two very dear friends, Alex Dundas and Helen Turnbull, seeing them has made me feel like a worthwhile person again, words fail me! Both were in the year above me at university – I am so very fond of both of them.

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