3 Mar 2011

Post 273: Outrageous Oxshott!

It can't have escaped your attention that things have changed a little bit for me in the last few years. Aside from losing control of my whole life, I have physically been forced to relocate from that most delightfully inner-city and cosmopolitan of boroughs, Lambeth, Brixton to be precise, to the comparative shires of Oxshott in North Surrey, just inside the M25, near Epsom - middle to bottomish left.
View Larger Map I'm not sure the contrast could be greater, it may just be 17 miles but these places might as well be on different planets. If it sounds like I'm complaining I shouldn't be, I could be in some dispatches exposed care home in South London! By virtue of the fact that my great grandfather was the local builder in the 'poor' part of town and my family didn't have this place rented, I have managed to avoid an institution and live in semi-independence, surviving thanks to the kindness of friends and family and a little tenacity. Last Sunday though I got a view of how absurd this little town can be, I had noticed one or two ridiculous houses, but when tree felling on the main road forced us to do a little diversion, my mouth dropped open like that slack jawed yokel Cletus. The Crown estate is extraordinary, its like a repeating episode of MTV's 'Cribs', a show that has me reaching for the sick bowl, where the current hiphopster, baseball player or some other mega-rich *rse shows a film crew the 50th plasma TV, the themed cinema, the Swarovski crystal encrusted couch and the inevitable Aston Martin! I mean these places offend me, they are outrageous, ostentatious and dispense with taste and the people that live in them are mostly Chelsea f*cking football players, apparently Cheryl Cole used to live here and cuddly Samaritan John Terry currently does. Classy! It is McMansion central, If I sound bitter, it's because I find it offensive that left wing firebrands go on and on about how loathsome bankers have lined their pockets with government money, whilst the telephone number salaries in a so called working class sport draw occasional rather than repeated ire. It is grotesque hypocrisy.

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Claire said...

Hmmmm...I still think bankers take the p*ss out of the rest of us.

But who is to say we wouldn't all be just as greedy if we had unfettered access to the large funds they freely plunder for themselves?

It is also nuts that footballers get so much money for kicking a ball around a field.

But we ordinary fools give footballers (and bankers) the money and - surprise, surprise - they take it.

Then we double-our-daftness by fawning over them and praising their 'generosity' when they give some of the money back as donations to charity.

(That was a bit of a rant. I'm usually angelic - must be something in the air today) xx



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