13 Mar 2011

Post 275: Apathy is the enemy

One of the things about this experience has been that it has taught me so much about people and I thought I knew people pretty well!
I guess that the way I have been brought up is that it's always better to do something, than nothing – so throughout my life I've been willing to give stuff a go, I've got this niggling suspicion that I've written something similar before but in the last couple of years I have really noticed (when you rely on people to get off their *rses to help you) when people decide they'd rather do nothing than something. I remember being a student and at times being struck dumb with apathy and there being days when the 'can't be *rsed gene kicks in. When you are an able bodied human there really is no excuse for this, occasionally, you may be in so foul a mood or are genuinely ill that nothing is all you can do. My default setting could be to do nothing because I'm genuinely too disabled and too ill (tired) all the time but that's no way to live and is sh*te. I'm sure I bang on about this too often and this isn't directed at anyone specifically. If it feels like it is - it probably is. Maybe I am asking too much? I'm just asking what I'd anticipate of myself. Just ask yourself this question. Have you ever done nothing when you could have done something (whilst you're healthy and not exhausted)? If the answer's yes, you should try harder.
I'm aware that to some people that might have sounded like a bit of a guilt trip?! Well, it was, as always this cry for help has been cathartic.
Going back to the topic I am incredibly grateful to some friends of mine for helping me out of what could have been a major jam this weekend. As I would expect my long suffering housekeeper was not able to be here this weekend as a friend of hers was having a birthday bash on Saturday evening, which, these days presents me with a bit of a problem, namely, how will I eat on Saturday night? And how will I get out of bed and have breakfast on Sunday morning. Despite trying to figure out ways I could do this without help, we haven't figured out a safe way yet. So, I assembled a 'plea for help' email and sent it to a mate that I'd blocked out time in my diary to go for lunch with on saturday, a lunch that had long since been cancelled because procuring the big college group that we'd hoped for hadn't proved feasible. As luck would have it my mate, Richard Rous and his wife, Annabel, were very up for cooking me dinner, drinking fine wine, watching a comedy DVD and chatting and generally having a laugh, whilst staying in the spare room and taking off the next day. It's this kind of can-do attitude that seems too often be missing these days.
Anyway, Annabel made a great curry – made even better by the recent news I got that Turmeric regenerates brain cells whilst we all got down to the serious business of killing braincells with some quality Malbec. We had a great evening and the Kevin Bridges comedy DVD is classic, people who've never even heard of the man always find it brilliant! Speaking of which I went with my Dad to a lecture about the Brain a couple of weeks ago put on by an old mate Eleanor and I was fortunate to bump into her brother Ben, The bald guya bloke who I've had some hilarious times with. After I met him I nicknamed him Osama Ben Watson because of his penchant for being the most offensive (but usually hilarious) man alive, needless to say, he, like me, for our sins can quote verbatim from that DVD! It is pure gold!
Anyway, the Rous' had to leave early this morning, so my neighbour and physiotherapist Ian (my chief torturer)rode to the rescue. Despite being a sadist he's a nice man.

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