17 Mar 2011

Post 276: Anger

Life, which is hard for me at the best of times, is rapidly becoming intolerable. The only good thing on the horizon is my 34th birthday party but I'm at that age where birthdays are sometimes not good things, instead they are a bit of a grim reminder of the fact that fun is now tiring and despite loving my friends, having them is no longer a guarantor of happiness. I will dispense with most of my usual rules about airing dirty laundry although I will mention no names because my very way of life has been threatened this week when my housekeeper stormed out for the umpteenth time. It's quite simple, I cannot survive on my own. I cannot cook, clean or basically survive without the menial things she does and the reason this dispute has arisen can be epitomised by a simple thing – making a cup of tea, a f*cking cup of tea, yes that's right, a cup of f*cking tea. Apparently because my right arm works, I should do it myself. Since almost croaking 5 years ago I haven't been able to walk or use my left hand properly, I've had chronic fatigue and my eyesight is pathetic. I have made it as far as semi-independent assisted living with a lot of luck, kindness and tenacity. It is just bearable if the able bodied humans around you help out, out of the goodness of their own hearts, it's called common decency isn't it?Where are we when this runs out? We're at the end of our tether is where. People who don't see this are deliberately refusing to understand what it's like when the body and brain refuse to work properly anymore.
Storming out on someone in this state is verging on the criminal – I am only glad I have one or two genuinely kind people nearby who rescued me this morning and that I have found trustworthy housekeepers this very same morning who will not derelict basic humanity and allow me to live some sort of life. People who leave others in this state should be ashamed. The blog about my birthday should be up by tuesday and should contain a lot less rage. All I can say to my current housekeeper - well done, it feels a bit like you've held a gun to my head. I know you just want to kill people when you're in a crowd. I hope this has made you feel good


Jennie said...

that is Shocking!! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest her a**hole and may her arms be too short to Scratch ....

Dom P said...

Yup, I am slightly pissed off

Dom P said...

I feel so f*cking let down

Susan Pinkerton said...

I am absolutely shocked at this! I told you that I had an emergency and would be gone for a couple of days. There was no storming out or even a raised voice. Seems to be along the lines of when Suzanne asked you to wait until she'd finished having her dinner before making you a cup of tea. You decided that meant 'no' and sent her a very nasty email. Shame you never tell the full story, but only what gets the sympathy vote.

Dom P said...

Susan, you stormed out with no notice and you know it - this formed part of my plea for help, I have been left unable to eat or fend for myself for the last time by you, no longer will I tolerate a mentally unstable freeloader like you who refuses to lift a finger beyond the bare minimum in this house. Shame on you. This whole blog feels ruined now. My new carers are a million times more trustworthy



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