26 Mar 2011

Post 278:Worried that geeks are inheriting the earth

This being my blog, the following post has been inspired by recent events and things I have read/listened to/seen and as such is 100% honest and any insinuations are probably meant. This post also mentions charity a bit so it seems appropriate to mention the 2nd Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Albert Hall I've been to this week. On Monday Jose, Bec and I went to the first one (see last post) hosted by John Bishop starring Kevin Bridges, Greg Davies, James Corden and a couple of others. I've seen them all before but despite Bishop and Bridges being brilliant as always, the evening was stolen by Greg Davies the sadistic teacher from E4s comedy series the Inbetweeners , particularly for the jokes about how sex with a man of his age is like thumbing marshmallows into a cats arse and the fact that his dad has now reached the age that he no longer gives a sh*t about what anyone thinks so he just does what he likes! The evening was almost ruined by Angelos Epethimio, who looks like the kind of man you'd tell your kids to steer clear of, and appearances aside, his Jokes weren't funny. On Wednesday I have a kind stranger from facebook to thank for answering my plea for a driver after my lift to go and see Scottish Rockers Biffy Clyro at the Albert Hall Fell through, So thanks Jo! and Biffy were good, I also think Jo was impressed by the Albert Hall – People who haven't seen it before tend to gasp. Biffy were good – very energetic and they passed the acid test – namely I'd see them again. The talks by a couple of Teenage Cancer survivors were particularly moving, I took particular note of how they said their hospital experiences (although harrowing) were made bearable because they were on Teenage Cancer Trust Units, the most important thing being having other Teenage Cancer Sufferers to talk and relate too. My type of injury is obviously too rare to merit special young persons wards plus young in the world of brain injury means less than 60 years old, So for most of my time in hospital I had no-one to talk to except when I had visitors in late afternoon most days, I'll be honest – it was awful, the people who got me through it were my parents and friends who came to see me and the nicer staff. Dom (good name) who relayed his experience on the Albert Hall stage said if he had that year again, he would't change anything because it has made him a better and stronger person, if I had my time again.I'd rather clean out the Glasgow public toilets. Photo's here (thankfully not of the Glasgow loos)

I am aware of the irony (or as some might see it) the hypocrisy of writing something like this next bit on the internet but the internet and this blog is the only medium I feel I can communicate with any authority since my stroke. This is one of the major problems I want to highlight actually. By all accounts any opinions I have probably carry less weight because I have been naturally selected to fail by having a blood vessel weakness which caused my stroke. What worries me is the internet and the advent of political correctness seems to mean that geeks/ nerds and the weak don't get weeded out anymore. I don't mean they should be rounded up and driven into the ocean, what I do mean is I don't want to see wealth and power concentrated in the hands of dorks like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, but my trainer Jose said quite correctly, 'but you don't want it in the hands of premiership footballers'? He's right. My exact reply was 'I want it somewhere in between, but I've no idea how it could be done. This train of thought has been brought about by a couple of things. Mainly because I've been listening to 'The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal' the book, which the Oscar touted film 'The Social Network' was based. Even though I'm no fan of the Jocks that Zuckerberg, (inset Gates at college) stitched up, the story, combined with his smug, self satisfied smile and his obvious nerdiness make me want to give him a dead arm and understand why a few of my mates who know of the situation call him 'f*cking Zuckerberg'.It has also made me loathe anything about Harvard, and I'd thought Oxford was a bit snobby. Harvard makes Oxford sound like a collective farm.It has less of a Meritocracy than the old-boy network,It sounds like the only ways to make it at Harvard (or in America in general) is to have money – I suppose the same could be said of a few of the more toffee nosed cliques in Oxford but they were never the mainstay of University life, whereas at Harvard it was how much your parents were worth, who they were and who you knew to get into the top fraternities and societies and that'd make or break the Harvard experience – the nerds/geeks stateside sounded like they'd band together in computer rooms boasting to each other about how many lines of code they could write in an hour whereas nerds/workaholics over here would keep themselves to themselves more and either spend all their time in the library or computer room – cheap booze, the college bar and other people were a distraction. I'd never condone bullying as I was bullied myself a bit at school and that's about as much fun as having a stroke, but you know the stick Ginger kids get? Well, I think that's unfair, it should be directed at people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. People who I don't think have the right to their positions of wealth and power. I am not denying that both are clever guys and I'm sure I've always been a massive proponent that intellectual capital is worth a lot more than physical capital. Ie I am glad that Bill Gates is worth more than John Terry, at least Gates is smart enough to realise his vast fortune gets well spent on philanthropy rather than the rubbish that premier league footballers spend it on, usually lawyers fees in their latest attempt to escape speeding charges or hiring expensive publicist's to bury the latest 'scandal', but despite this Gates is a dreadful man, a nerd with few social skills but with the type of evil mind capable of building a software giant that rather than improve IT usage has held it hostage, stifling competition and innovation wherever it could so that it's profits wouldn't be dented. I'm not saying Zuckerberg and Gates pandle the same evil but they are both cut from the same cloth and have both demonstrated deceit and contempt for everyone in getting to the top, it reminds me of the time Gates was in an episode of the Simpsons and takes out Homers internet company by smashing up his house adding 'I didn't get rich by writing a lot of cheques' – Facebook is only worth billions on paper because of it's vast userbase and the sheer value of all the data it has on that userbase. Facebook could probably identify which of it's users are eskimos and sell ice to them! There's amusing irreverence which I love and there are twats who break the rules and show contempt for everyone, this isn't bullying nerds, this is expressing disdain for the worst of them. Zuckerberg and the legion of comic book reading, computer programmer, warcraft playing types, I wish they would just f*ck off back to the margins of society where they belong and let the genuine rock stars, comedians and normal people entertain and look after us.
Along with Chavs, nerds have shown themselves to be people we can do without and any resurgence in their popularity like in dreadful tv show 'the big bang theory' reminds me why these people don't deserve any of our time, only genuine illness gives you an excuse to be weird, otherwise bugger off. Quirky is just about ok. I'm not saying conforming is what people should do, be amusingly irreverent and charismatic. That's my opinion.
What has made my day today (saturday) is the visit from my college mate Gina, her husband Olly and gorgeous sprogs Tallia and 4 month old Bruno plus Olly has agreed to take me to a couple of great gigs which dissolves my worries for a few days.After they left, my temporary carer, Rocio (being camera-shy here) took me to the Dome to see Irish band The Script. I think it's fair to say, Rossi and I are probably not the Script's core market, what with the thousands of screaming girls and the boyish prettiness of their lead singer plus their ballad heavy (exclusive) repertoire but the evening was made by the incredible atmosphere that live music creates and being in the good seats helps. I'm going back to the Dome to see Masculine Manchester Act Elbow tomorrow. It feels good to be getting out of this f*cking house again and it looks like summer might be on the way. The other great thing about last night was the warm up act, I don't say that very often. It was a girl called Claire McGuire who not only had a great voice, she had legs that looked even more amazing than Florence as in Florence and the machine.

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