5 Jun 2011

Post 291: Detoxifying my 'thinking time'

I do a lot of my thinking in the shower in the morning these days and it has got somewhat easier now I've swapped from Radio 1 to XFM. It no longer means I have to listen to that fatuous halfwit Chris Moyles piss around with his team of fawning sycophants. It is such a damning indictment on this country that he is #1, although certain friends of mine put my dislike of him down to 'class hatred' – this is patent b*llocks. My theory was that radio 1 was the only station that worked without static interference, but this theory has been dashed because most people have DAB or RDS these days. So this country has no excuse! I used to listen because his show was quite good at playing the latest stuff but I got fed up with the latest X-factor muppet's latest warble and all the Hip-Hop, most irksome of all was Moyles himself sucking up to celebrities, letching over every girl ( I hope I do it a bit better?!) and trying to get Dominic Burn (the news/weather guy) to lie about the weather. A ploy to try and make us feel better although the inane banter had already beaten me into submission, and because of the way my radio works it was out of my reach and when there was a particularly awful bit there was nothing I could do. I'm sure closer inspection of the Geneva convention would reveal this to be a banned and heinous form of torture! I have gone through this for the best part of two years. It has made me think that a lot of my morning 'thinking time' has been devoted to ever more homicidal thoughts against Moyles!
After I'd been told for about the millionth time to just 'change station' I finally have. Having been recommended XFM, I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming the only listener on Halifax Radio – I've seen those bloody awful ads so being a Halifax customer I could join in the 'hilarity'. I ask you, that and Go Compare Man make me want to round up advertising people so they can just suffer each others company, the Geneva Convention doesn't forbid that! As it is I've gone for xfm which plays and replays the heydays of indie rock'n'roll, the last 20 years, the only thing that's slightly annoyed me is that Oasis have the most songs in the x list 500 and I try and stick to the principle of disliking music by people I can't stand
On the home front I'm interviewing several couples this weekend for the live in vacancy all of which has been organised by my friend Froniga who has used her expertise in domestic staffing to navigate me through the high seas that surround finding new housekeepers/carers. I have already had one narrow escape , but trying to do this without help just isn't possible, I have neither the typing speed, the eyesight or the energy. Having met four lots of people yesterday afternoon I actually feel that there are people out there, I am meeting some more couples later and I hope to be in a position to make an offer this evening. Sorting this out will make me feel so much more settled especially if you consider my ability to make a crisis out of a drama.
At least I've got a visit from my long-suffering best mate Tony. He has been working his butt off on a project for the last couple of months, that plus being unsurprisingly henpecked by the lovely Kate,(her and Tony in the middle) getting to see him is a bit of a special occasion, ok, so I get all wistful and melancholy about anyone who makes the effort to come and see me but that is just how I feel and the right way to do things.
Back to my thinking time, I'm sure I've said it before but memories are a 'nice to have', if they were the be all of everything noone would do anything, they'd just sit there in a daze remembering great moments in life – I may have been lucky to have had a few but sadly all I care about now is achieving quality of life. If anyone thinks this sounds selfish -achieving quality of life for yourself can be all about how you feel creating it for your family and friends. I make my Dad happy by not spending MY money, thanks to my pension I have enough to live on but because my Dad is my power of Attorney he gets to see what I spend every penny on! Believe me we have had some arguments! Imagine at age 34, having your 74 year old father essentially being in control of YOUR money. I love the old bugger and couldn't survive without his 'guidance' but there are times....
Finally a big thankyou goes to Karen and Toby for stepping in and taking me to 'Filmharmonic' at the Albert Hall on Thursday. This is one of many great evenings there I have in my 'entertainment for sanity' diary. Plan A had been for my LSP's (long-suffering parents) to take me but my piss-up, brewery skills of organisation found last week that they were in Spain. After my usual bout of panic emailing my old university mate Karen and her fiancé Toby stepped forward to save the day. I love Filmharmonic and the Albert Hall, if you think about it, where would a lot of films be without their music? Could you imagine Jaws without it? Could you imagine Psycho without the stabbing music? This list could probably go on but it's not going to because I do enough posing!
It was especially good to see Karen and Toby on the edge of their seats. Some further good news this morning has been that my lift has confirmed for their wedding in July, the logistics had looked in tatters after my mum had revealed she had to be at some Golden wedding anniversary or other but I have asked my friend Anna who ably took me to a wedding last year .A big hug to Caro for being one of the rare ones.

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